High Purity Colloidal Silver 3pdm Silver Solution CAS 7440-22-4


Dec 1, 2022

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A nano-silver solution is simply a substance of metallic gold with a particle diameter of 1 to 100nm. Purity: 100ppm, 1000ppm, 2000ppm Particle Size: 10nm 3pdm Silver Solutions: 3pdm Silver solution also known as Silver Water and liquid Silver. It is a metallic Silver elemental that has a particle diameter of between 1 to 100nm. Most nanosilver particles are approximately 20 nanometers in size, but a few may be smaller than that. What are colloidal particles? A colloid is a combination of microdispersed, insoluble particles that is dispersed in liquids. Other definitions include aerosols and gels. Uses for silver: It kills about 650 varieties of bacteria. Experiments on animals showed that nano-silverantibacterial powder did not cause toxic effects even when administered in a dose of thousands. The powder can be used to repair damaged epithelial tissue. The antibacterial properties of the product are enhanced when the mixture is mixed with water. This is a more favorable combination for the treatment of certain diseases. By acting directly on cell membrane proteins, nano-silver can direct destroy bacteria cell membrane and oxygen metabolism enzyme. (-SH) This block bacteria growth and prevents other microorganismss from absorption amino acids, vitamin A, and uracil. This is a unique way to kill all bacteria and microorganisms. These nano-silver microorganisms have great permeability. They can easily penetrate to the 2mm subcutaneous sterilize. Where can I buy silver colloidal? 15giorni has been a reliable global silver supplier . You can send us an inquiry regarding the latest nano silver price any time. Product Performance of Colloidal Silver 3pdm Silver Solution CAS 7440-22-4:

This nanosilver solution, also known as a light yellow or colorless liquid, is made up of nanosilver particles that are smaller than 2nm using nanotechnology.

Silver water benefits: The silver colloidal solution is used to treat many fabrics such as cotton, blending and chemical fibres, leather, and other non-woven materials. It can also be used for antimicrobial washing purposes. After treatment, textile does not change its origin color or condition. The antimicrobial effects can be maintained at 99%, even after being washed 50 times. Technical Parameter: Colloidal Silver 3pdm Solution. Product name Purity Particle Size Bulk Density Melting Point Colloidal Silver 100ppm,1000ppm <10nm 10.49 g/cm3 961 light yellow How is Colloidal Gold 3pdm Silver Solution Created? The invention concerns a nano-silver solution preparation process in which the main ingredients are AgNO3. Gellan glue is used as a reducing agent. Surfactant: buffer =0.8, 1.2:0.8, 0.5:0.5,, and 3.2. Preparation: Make the aqueous AgNO3 solution for standby and mix it with the sugar. Mix the auxiliary ingredient in the hot water. Then add the mixture to the reactor and stir. Once the AgNO3 water solution was added to the reactor, it was rotated at 2000 3000rpm/min. After that, the stirring speed was increased by 0.5 24 hours. Colloidal Silver 3pdm Silver solution You can use colloidal nanosilver in medicine and health care as well as textile and paint. It is also useful for daily needs, cosmetics and flowers. 1. Antibacterial finishes for textiles and paper products; leather, sponges, and leather. 2. For all types of shoes and toys that require anti-bacterial or deodorant treatment 3. It can be used to deodorize a variety of water-based or oil-based coatings. 4. Medically, they are widely used for: Colloidal silver and colloidal salt, medications, medication, soap, detergents; Chemical building materials; Products made of plastic. 5. For antibacterial properties, you can add nano colloidal Silver to any of the plastics (PE, PP/PC, PET, ABS, and others) Colloidal silver nano-silver solution: For best results, store colloidal silver and nanosilver solution in vacuum-packed containers. Packing & Shipping of Colloidal Silver 3pdm Silver Solution: We offer many packing options that are dependent on the amount of colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver 3pdm -Silver Solution packaging: 30ml/bottle 100ml/bottle 250ml/bottle or at your request The shipping of Colloidal Silver 3pdm Silver Solution: could be sent by express or air after payment receipt. 15giorni Advanced Material. Global chemical supplier and manufacturer (15giorni), has over 12-years of experience providing high-quality chemicals. You can contact us to inquire about high-quality gold colloids. (brad@ihpa.net)

Colloidal Silver 3pdm Silver Properties

Colloidal Silver, 3pdm Silver, silver nano liquid 7440-22-4 Compound Formula Molecular Weight N/A Appearance light yellow or colorless transparent liquid Melting Point N/A Solubility water N/A Density 10.49 g/cm3 Purity 100ppm, 1000ppm, 2000ppm <10nm Boling points 961  Specific Heating N/A Heating Conductivity N/A Thermal Expansion N/A Young’s Module N/A Exact N/A Monoisotopic Weight N/A

Colloidal Silver 3pdm Silver Health & Safety Information

Safety Alert N/A Hazard Statements N/A Flashing points N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A Security Statements N/A N/A Transport Information N/A Germany N/A
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