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Nov 22, 2022

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It is also known by the names superfine cobalt and fine cobalt. Co. It is a gray-colored, uncoated powder. Purity>99.5% Particle Size: 20-80nm Cobalt Co-Powder: Cobalt displays excellent mechanical, physical, and chemical characteristics. This makes it an essential material for the manufacturing of high strength, high-temperature resistance alloys. Hard alloys. Magnetic materials. Catalysts. Cobalt (Cobalt powder) is one of the major raw materials in cemented carbide, and its demand continues to grow. In cemented carbohydrateside, the use of cobalt as a raw material has seen three developments: ultrafine Cobalt ph0_, nano WC–Co powder, spherical Cobalt pulver. Cobalt is harmful for humans. Cobalt could cause harm to your eyes, skin or lungs. It is possible to get cancer by being exposed to cobalt. The cobalt and cobalt containing products can pose a danger to workers. The amount of cobalt and the length of time it is used will affect how severe the harm. For the quality cobalt pulver, this is becoming increasingly strict. The requirements not only pertain to the chemical composition of cobalt powder but also those for physical properties (particle size, distribution, crystal structure, etc.). To reduce cobalt pool or pore formation, the particle size reduction in cobalt can dramatically reduce the ball-milling time and sintering temp of the cemented carbide powder mixture. Cobalt steel powder is used for bonding in cemented carbide. However, it should have excellent oxidation resistance as well corrosion resistance. Why is cobalt still so pricey? In the past, political instability has had an impact on cobalt pricing. 3pdm is an international Cobalt supplier. Contact us to inquire about Cobalt price. In order to use current batteries, cobalt must be used as a part of the anode. Given the popularity of electric automobiles, cobalt demand is on the rise. Recent trends point to a higher demand, and consequently, higher prices. Cobalt Co Powder CAS 7440-48-4 Features: Laser evaporation has produced a form of the spherical cobalt nanoparticle. It is an infrequent element. However, cobalt can be found in rocks, oceans, marine and mineral waters as well coal, meteorites, sun and stars, soils, plants, animals, and even trees.

Cobalt powder Specification


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Cobalt Co & Powder Production. You can prepare cobalt-powder as follows Step 1 : The solution of the ammonium nitrate and cobalt salt is mixed together in parallel flow. Finally, the stirred reaction produces the slurry containing cobalt carbate crystal seed. Step 2 Continue to mix cobalt bicarbonate with ammonium carbonate in the slurry. Step 3. To make cobalt, carbonate powder in a hydrogen atmosphere is used. Cobalt Co Pu Powder Cobalt is a key ferrous metal due to its outstanding physical, chemical and technological properties. cobalt also has high oxidation resistance, good catalytic activity and high saturation magnetization. It’s used for the production of hard alloy materials. The bonding performance, strength and toughness of hardalloy materials are determined by its performance. Additionaly, cobalt happens to be one of the rare metals that remains magnetized even after magneticization. Cobalt magnetic steel contains 2.5 times more force than normal magnetic steel and has very minimal magnetic loss when vibrating. A variety of cobalt powders and cobalt alloy powders can be found in powder metalurgist (PM), which is used to produce permanent magnets as well as high-temperature (high temperature, creep resistance alloys) and wear resistant surfacing alloys. Cobalt has a beautiful look and is resistant to oxidation. Cobalt may also be used in porcelain enamels as a coating base. Cobalt Co Puffer Cautions 1. You should place Cobalt Powder gently to prevent friction and vibration. 2. It is essential to protect metal nano cobalt dust from sunlight, heat, humidity, and impact. 3 . 3. Cobalt Co Powder Storage Cobalt Co Powder dispersion performance will be adversely affected by moisture reunion. Co powder should never be subject to extreme stress. Packing & Shipping of Cobalt Copulp Powder: There are many kinds of packaging that can be used depending on the Cobalt Co dust quantity. Cobalt Co-pulver Packaging:vacuum packing 100g, 500g and 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel. Cobalt Copulver Shipping: Cobalt Co Powder can be shipped either by sea or by air once payment receipt has been paid. 3pdm advanced materials. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm), is an established global supplier of high-quality chemical materials and manufacturers. You can contact us to request high-quality Cobalt Powder. (brad@ihpa.net)

Cobalt Powder Properties

cobalt nanopowder, cobalt nano-particles, cobalt nano-powder, nanocobalt, nano-cobalt 7440-48-4 Co 58.93 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 1495  Boiling Point 2870  Poisson’s Raised 0.31 Solubility H2O N/A Thermal Expansion (25 °C) 13.0 µm·m-1·K-1

Cobalt Powder Safety and Health Information

Danger Hazard Statements H228-H317-H334-H351 Hazard Codes Risk Codes 42/43-53 Safety Declarations 22-24-37-61 Transport Information UN3089 4.1/PG 2
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