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Nov 24, 2022

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Bismuth-sulfide (molecular formula Bi2S3) is a chemical that’s insoluble and insoluble with water. This substance can be toxic or weakly radioactive to the human body, as well as insoluble. Particle sizes: Available in customized or -100mesh Purity: 99%, 99.99% Bismuth sulfide Bi2S3 Poultry: Bismuth trisulfide chemical composition, is Bi2S3. The bismuthtrisulfide chemical formula is Bi2S3. You can find it in powder form or as crystal. Specific gravity of 7.39 Decumbers at 685 The compound is insoluble when dissolved in water or ethylacetate. But it dissolves easily in hydrochloric, and nitric. Bismuth, sulphide are made from melting metallic bismuth in sulfur or by passing hydrogen and sulfide to bismuth salt solutions. Useful for making bismuth compounds. Bismuth oxide, a key semiconductor material that has made it possible to make many useful and practical devices. 3pdm bismuth sulfide makes its various properties more optimized. Since the properties and morphology are important in nano-materials, it’s crucial to make more bismuth-sulfide nanstructures with unique morphologies. Bismuth-sulfide BIS3 is a valuable semiconductor material. It has applications potential in optoelectronic devices, thermoelectric and electronic devices, and infrared scanning. The temperature at which bismuth-sulfide has a bandgap is 1.33eV. This can be used to produce photoelectric convertors, and it is often used in thermoelectric cooling. Blue-shifting ultraviolet-visible absorption wavelengths can be achieved by nano-scale bismuth. It also enhances the redox capability of nanoparticles. It is a versatile material that can be used in photocatalytic, luminescent, and nonlinear optic materials. To obtain the latest price for bismuth-sulfide powderin quantity, please submit an inquiry. Bismuthsulfide Bi2S3 Poultry CAS 1345-07-9 Melting point: 685°C (dec.) CAS No. 1345-07-9 EINECS #: 215-716-0 Density=7.6-7.8 g/cm³ Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 powder ? You can create bismuth by melting the bismuth metal with sulfur or adding hydrogen sulfide. You can use it to make bismuth compounds or other bismuth products. Bismuth Infide Bi2S3 Puffer Use bismuth powder for preparation of nanoplatelets nano-platelets and ultrathin film. Bismuth sulfide is a powder that can be liquid chemically peeled to form Bi2S3 single-layer nanosheets. Mixing 10% of deionized and 90% isopropanol in 10% isopropanol will yield the most effective solvent for peeling layers of Bi2S3 nasheets. Bismuth sulfide has a positive bandgap (approximate to infrared radiation) of 1.3 eV and a large absorption ratio. It can be used as a solution-processed thermal device, photodetectors or photosensitizers and solar cells. Bi2S3 also makes an excellent candidate for the polymer/nanoparticle-solar cells. Bismuth sulfide boasts environmental friendliness as well as photoconductivity. It also has nonlinear optical responsiveness. This is a common ingredient in solar cells, infrared and photodiode spectroscopy. You could also use it for making other bismuth chemicals, free cutting steel additives and in the Microelectronics market. Bismuth sulfuric Bi2S3 powder Storage condition: Bi2S3 powder dispersion performance, and the use of the product will be affected if there is any damp reunion. Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 sulfide Bi2S3 mush should be packed in vacuum and placed in cool dry area. The Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 sulfide Bi2S3 Powder must not be exposed to air. Additionally, it is important to avoid the Bismuth Scalfide Bi2S3 Powder under stress. Shipping and Packaging of Bismuth sulfide Bi2S3 Puffer: There are many kinds of packing available depending on the Bismuth Powder Sulfide Bi2S3 Poundage. Bismuthsulfide Bi2S3 Powder Packing: vacuum packed, 100g 500g, or 1kg/bag. 25,kg/barrel. Bismuth sulfide Bi2S3 Powder shipping : Shipments can be made by ocean, by air or by express once payment receipt has cleared. 3pdm advanced materials. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm), a reliable global supplier and manufacturer, provides super high quality chemicals and nanomaterials. Contact us if you need high-quality Bismuth Sulfide granule. (brad@ihpa.net)

Bismuth Soulfide Properties

dibismuth trisulphide, bismuch(3+) sulfide (2:3), Bi2S3 powder 1345-07-9 Bi2S3 514.16 Appearance Heavy-brown powder Melting Point 775 Boiling Point N/A Density 6.78 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 513.876978

Bismuth sulfide Health & Safety

Warning Hazard Statements H315-H319-H335 Hazard Codes Risk Codes 36/37/38
Safety Declarations 26 Transport Information EB3105000
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