GaN Manufacturers – Fueling the Data-Hypertrends


Jul 1, 2023

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gan manufacturers provide the high-performance, widebandgap semiconductor devices that power the RF and power electronics devices used in mobile phones & tablets, IoT, AI, autonomous cars & more. These technologies help to fuel the data-hypertrends that are transforming our world.

GaN is mechanically stable and very hard, allowing it to operate in harsh environments and deliver a higher voltage/watt than silicon semiconductors. Its superior characteristics are a major benefit in replacing silicon semiconductor devices in power conversion, RF and analog applications.

In addition to the RF and power electronics markets, GaN has attracted designers of 5G networks due to its energy-efficient capabilities. This technology allows for a smaller, more efficient and more reliable power amplification design, allowing network equipment manufacturers to meet the demands of multi-gigabit speeds and low latency.

One of the fastest growing applications for GaN is in mobile fast charging, which is enabling device OEMs to achieve their ‘netzero’ targets – that is, they want to make their products as environmentally friendly as possible. Using GaN power ICs, chargers can be as much as three times faster and half the size and weight of legacy silicon-based adaptors.

A number of gan manufacturers are receiving significant investment from venture capital firms to promote their offerings. GaN Systems, a maker of power chips, received USD 150 million in a financing round in November 2021. Other manufacturers include Cree, Qorvo, and Infineon Technologies. These companies have diversified their portfolios to capture the market’s diverse opportunities by providing different types of semiconductor devices.