Colloidal Silver Bulk

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colloidal silver bulk is a great way to stock up on colloidal silver in large quantities. The product comes in a 1 gallon plastic bottle so you can keep it on hand and easily restock your stock.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

The main benefits of colloidal silver are that it can help to strengthen your immune system, boost the body’s ability to fight bacteria and viruses and help to boost collagen production in the skin – helping to reduce scars and blemishes. It also helps to support the growth of new tissues and can help to resolve burns and scars, particularly where there is a lack of scar tissue.

Side effects of Colloidal Silver

The most common side effect of long term oral use of colloidal silver is argyria – a discoloration of the skin to a more greyish appearance. This can be avoided by taking the recommended dosage and not using it daily for prolonged periods of time without a break.

Advantages of Colloidal Silver

The key advantage of a true colloidal silver is that the silver particles have a very low reactivity in the human organism. They will not combine with free chloride ions found in the human body.

In contrast ionic silver solutions are highly reactive and will readily form insoluble silver compounds with the water that they come into contact with. This is not a good thing when used in high dosage as it can cause irritation and sometimes even poison the body.