Clinical Application of Nitinol Memory Alloy

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What is Nitinol Memory alloy?

Nitinolis a shape memory metal, which is an alloy that automatically returns to its original shape when heated. Its expansion rate exceeds 20%, while its fatigue life can reach 1*10 to 7th power. Its damping characteristics are 10x higher than those of ordinary springs. Memory alloy has many other outstanding characteristics, including wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It also offers super elasticity.

Nitinol Memory alloy in Clinical Applications

Nickel-titanium extension and push spring: These springs are used for orthodontics. Super-elastic, they are ideal for orthodontic treatments to widen the gap in between teeth or pull teeth into different directions. The nickel-titanium spiral spring can generate about 50g of force when it is extended by just 1mm. Nickel-titanium coil springs possess high elastic properties, and they can produce a soft and stable force when in tension. The attenuation in force is small, which allows for the production of the ideal orthodontic force needed to move teeth clinically. Meet physiological requirements. Nitinol wire is a high-elasticity spring with a very low permanent deformation. In comparison with stainless steel, the corrected force released is 3,5-4 times greater. When orthodontic treatment is applied, the patient does not only feel light pain, but it also lasts a long time. Also, the treatment duration is reduced. It is an excellent mechanical device used in orthodontic treatment.

It is used to align and level the dentition of patients as early as possible. Nitinol is the archwire of choice for the first arch in an orthodontic system due to its shape-memory properties and superelasticity. Silk can reduce patient discomfort. MBT’s straight wire arch correction technology uses 0.016″ heat activated alloy nickel titanium arch wire. The DEMON self-locking brace technology uses heat activated copper-containing nickel titanium from Omcro. O-PAK correction uses 0.016″ super-elastic Nitinol Arch Wire (phase transition is around 40 degrees) for early alignment.

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