CAS 4485-12-5 Lithium Stearate Powder


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Lithium Stearate is a white powdered, liquid compound that has the chemical formula LiC18H35O2. We can supply lithium 12-hydroxy-stearate as well as lithium stearate.
Properties of lithium Stearate
Lithium Stearate is a white powdered, liquid compound that has the chemical formula LiC18H35O2.
Lithium stearate density : 1.025g /cm3.
Point of melting for lithium stearate : 220.0-221.5.
At room temperature and pressure, they are stable.
Solubility in lithium stearate : The ethanol and water solubility are 0.09 g/ 100mL and 0.04 g/100ml respectively. Strong acid can cause the decomposition of stearic acid into the corresponding lithium compounds. Insoluble in ethyl alcohol and mineral oil. Mineral oils contain colloids.

Lithium-stearate is classified as soap (a sodium of fatty acid). Lithium hydroxide reacts with stearic acids to form lithium stearate. It is a white, soft-colored solid.
Lithium Stearate Lithium 12-hydroxy Stearate There are lithium soaps, which are components of Lithium grease Agents for release

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Parameters Lithium Stearate
Testing Items Appearance Lithium oxide content(in dry), % Free acid, % Loss of drying, % Fineness, %
Results white fine powder 5.3~5.6 <=0.20 <=1.0 325 mesh >=99.0

How is Lithium Stearate produced?

Method 1

10g of stearic Acid was dispersed in 100mL 95%ethanol. It was then titrated using 0.5mol/L Lithium Hydroxide ethanol solution. Phenolphthalein was used to indicate. After the reaction reached an equilibrium point, the precipitated sodium stearate soap could be extracted and filtered. The crude product can then be refrigerated with 95% alcohol to make pure product.

Method 2

Sodium hydroxide can be dissolved in water to make a solution. Stearic acid can then be added to the solution and fully reacted. It is heated to over 100. Liquidize lithium chloride in warm water. Cool it to room temperature. Add it to the prepared sodium-stearate solution. Once the reaction is complete, the reaction is stopped, the reaction is completed and it is dehydrated by centrifugation. Get the final product by drying it with air drying equipment.

Lithium Stearate uses: Use lithium stearate as a PVC heat stabiliser for transparent products. When combined with phthalate plastizer, the product’s transparency is excellent and does not produce white fog. Because lithium stearate is more readily melted in ketones than any other stearates it has less effect on embossing operations.
Non-toxic barium soap, and lead soap replacements. This product can be mixed with a plasticizer made from phospholipid acid. You can use the product as an external lubricant to nylon, phenolic, and rigid polyvinylchide (maximum dose of 0.6%). Additionally, the product can be used to make waterproof and impermeable materials. It is used to make lithium stearate oil.

Shipping and Packing of Lithium Stearate Pulver:
There are many options for packaging, each one based on the quantity of Lithium Stearate.
Lithium Stearate Powder packaging: 20kg/bag. Then, put it on a pallet.
Lithium Stearate Powder shipping The payment receipt will be used to send the order by express, sea or air.

Lithium Stearate Powder Properties

Other Titles N/A
Combination Formula LiC18H35O2
Molecular Weight N/A
Appearance White powder
Melting Point 221
Boiling Point N/A
Density 1.025 g/cm3
Solubility of H2O Very slightly insoluble in water
Exact N/A

Lithium Stearate powder Health & Safety Information

Signal word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety statements N/A
Transport Information