Beryllium Cube


Apr 13, 2023

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Beryllium (atomic symbol: Be) is a soft, grey metallic element. It is a member of the Alkali-earth metals group and is used in X-ray equipment, aerospace and military applications.

Be is one of the most valuable rare earth elements and can be found in minerals such as bertrandite, chrysoberyl, phenakite and beryl. Commercial production of beryllium is limited to the United States, China and Kazakhstan.

About the Element

Beryllium is the lightest structural metal and is often used in lightweight aircraft and spacecraft. It is also an important ingredient in gemstones such as beryl, aquamarine and emerald.

The element is a strong and durable substance that has excellent properties for its weight. It is highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion, making it useful for high-stress, high-temperature environments.

It is an extremely good material for the manufacture of shaped springs and metal springs, especially those that are not ferromagnetic and do not generate sparks. It is very often used in the oil and gas industry, as well as in refineries.

Absorption by the Skin & Lungs

Inhalation of dust, mist, or fumes containing beryllium can cause lung cancer and other health effects. Workers may be exposed to beryllium through a variety of occupational exposures, including abrasive blasting.

CUBES Science Cases

The new spectrograph CUBES planned for the VLT will be more sensitive than UVES in the near UV spectral region, allowing for the observation of fainter stars. This will expand the number of targets where Be abundances can be determined. These include the study of stellar dilution and pollution in globular clusters and of the flattening of the Be II resonance line in metal-poor stars.