Barium Iodine


Apr 26, 2023 , ,

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barium iodine is a chemical compound with one barium and two iodine atoms. It is a white solid and is soluble in water. This substance is used as a developer for photographic film and also as a flux in metallurgy.

This substance is also used as a contrast agent in medical scans such as MRI and CT. It is injected into veins and disks before the test to make it easier for the doctor to see inside your body.

Injections of this substance are not painful but it may cause a metallic taste in your mouth and some discomfort in the needle when it is inserted. You should drink a lot of water after the test to help flush out your system and avoid any side effects such as stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, itching, redness, hives or difficulty breathing.


In photography, barium iodide is used as a developer to improve the color and contrast of an image. It also acts as a flux in metallurgy by lowering the melting point of metals to allow them to be cast easily.

Molecular Structure

The anhydrous form of this substance is composed of a barium centre that is bound to nine iodide ligands. It is a crystalline salt with a pH of 7.

Iodides are inorganic compounds that have the ability to donate and accept electrons to achieve an octet valence electronic configuration. These ions are important in the manufacturing of drugs, pesticides and plastics.