Application of aluminum nitride ceramic materials


Apr 11, 2023 ,

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What is aluminum nitride? ? Aluminum nitride This atomic crystal is a diamond-like Nitride, hexagonal crystal structure, wurtzite crystal structure, nontoxic, white, or off-white. Aluminum nitride has a high thermal shock value.
The miniaturization and advancement of electronic products has led to electronic circuits and systems that are capable of high integration density and high functionality. Electronic parts have increasingly stringent requirements for their carrier substrate. The breakthrough in high thermal conductivity has been achieved through high integration and miniaturization. It is becoming increasingly difficult for traditional alumina ceramic sub-substrates to meet these development requirements. Aluminum nitride, which has excellent chemical and physical properties, has slowly become the most popular choice in packaging materials.

Attenuation material for microwaves made of aluminum nitride
Microwave attenuation research and applications have now moved beyond the military to everyday life. They are used for human safety, radar detection, waveguide and coaxial absorption components, as well as protection of the body. It works by converting microwave energy into heat through the physical mechanism called polarization. The material also exchanges heat energy with the external environment. These techniques are increasingly being used to make high-power microwave electric vacuum units.
AlN has low dielectric losses. AlN is suitable for use as a microwave-attenuating material because it contains metals or ceramics with high electrical and thermal conductivity. These are used to make Al N-based microwave ceramics. The current research involves carbon nanotubes, TiB2, and TiC as conductive additives. Metals such Mo, W, Cu are also included.
Aluminum nitride, heat-resistant material
Aluminum nitride does not wet with aluminum, calcium and other metals. This makes it ideal for use as a crucible or protective tube, casting mould, mold, etc. Aluminum nitride ceramics may be used in an immersion thermocouple protective tube as a metal pool. Because it doesn’t adhere to molten iron, it can be used continuously in the molten swimming pool at 8001000 for over 3000 hours and it will not corrode. destroy. Because aluminum nitride materials can withstand molten salt gallium senide and other substances, the crucible is now replaced by glass to synthesize gallium arsenide silicons. This allows for complete elimination of silicon pollution and high-purity Gallium arsenide.
Aluminum nitride clays have a high strength at room temperatures and are resistant to temperature changes. They have high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficients and a relatively high thermal conductivity. It is both a heat-resistant material as well as a heat exchange material. It can be used to heat exchange gas turbine heat exchangers. Materials that are heat resistant and heat exchange.
AlN ceramic materials are versatile and have many potential markets. They can be used in electronic, electric power, locomotives and aviation.
Aluminum nitride supplier
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