Aluminum Oxide Used for lithium battery Diaphragm


Mar 6, 2023 ,

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What is a ceramic diaphragm. A special ceramic coating diaphragm uses PP,PE or multi-layered composite diaphragms as the matrix. The surface of the diaphragm is coated with a nano-sized layer made from aluminum oxide, which is tightly bonded to its substrate following special processing. The high temperature safety and reliability of lithium-ion cells can be significantly improved by using this coating. A ceramic-coated special diaphragm can be used for power batteries.

For lithium-ion battery diaphragms:
The diaphragm’s performance determines the interface structure and internal resistance of the battery. This determines its capacity, safety performance, charge density, and performance during a cycle.

These characteristics must be fulfilled:
Chemical stability is excellent: Resistance to organic solvents.
Excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strengths and high puncture resistance.
Excellent thermal stability. Low thermal shrinkage, high film breaking temperature.
The electrolyte’s wettability is good for compatibility and low liquid absorption.

aluminium oxide, a type of inorganic material, is good for ceramic coatings on battery diaphragms.

Ceramic diaphragm for Alumina:
1. Particle size is consistent, so they can be glued well to the diaphragm.
2. Alumina’s purity is high and it can be used without introducing impurities that could affect the internal environment of the batteries.
3. It is necessary for alumina crystal to be compatible with an electrolyte.

Benefits of coating aluminum diaphragms:
Resilience to extreme temperatures
It is resistant to extreme high temperature and retains its original shape above 180 degrees Celsius.

An alumina-coated battery can reduce the free HF and enhance safety and acid resistance.

High magnification
A solid solution of nano-alumina is possible in lithium battery. This can enhance the cycle efficiency and magnification.

Good wettability:
Nanometer-sized alumina powder is very liquid absorbent and retains liquid well.

Unique self-turn-off characteristics:
Polyolefin diaphragm still retains its closed cell design to prevent thermal runaway.

Low self-discharge rate:
Because of its curvature, micropores are more curvy with alumina than the standard diaphragm. The self-discharge rate is also lower than the one caused by the common diaphragm.

Increase the lifespan of the cycles by increasing the number of cycle lives.

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