Advantages of High Purity Aluminum Oxide

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Aluminum oxide, also known as alumina, is an essential material used in a wide range of applications. Its hardness, thermal conductivity and refractoriness make it highly valued in the electronics industry as well as for polishing materials such as ceramics, glass and metal products. It is also used as a chemical catalyst and in medical applications for its ability to absorb toxic substances from wounds.

High purity alumina is produced using an advanced process that is both sustainable and economical. This differs from traditional methods of production which use hydrogen gas, aluminum alkoxide hydrolysis, or the acid leach of kaolin clay. These traditional processes are energy intensive, costly and produce high levels of emissions and waste.

The Smart SX technology employed by PCC Group produces high purity alumina via membrane electrolysis of aqueous solutions. This process is highly efficient, low in energy consumption and generates minimal emissions and waste.

Once produced, the aqueous aluminum salt solution or crystal is purified via heat treatment to convert it to high purity alumina. The alumina is then available in either a powder or pellet/tablet form depending on end-use requirements.

Pure plated aluminum is an ideal material for coating components because it provides superior protection and corrosion resistance. In addition to its durability, it is non-toxic, recyclable and compliant with RoHS standards. It also exhibits a self-healing property and outlasts other metal and organic platings (like nickel) in severe environments. Pure alumina platings also have superior corrosion resistance in cryogenic applications. It is also easily anodized with chromic, sulfuric and oxalic acids to provide an anodic layer of aluminum oxide that resists scratching and wear. Aluminum deposited in this manner also has excellent thermal conductivity, about three times that of copper and twice as much as steel, making it an excellent choice for cooling components.