What is the method of using a concrete foaming agent?


Jan 9, 2023

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What’s a concrete foaming agent? Concrete foaming agent is also called foam concrete foaming ingredient. It reduces the liquid’s surface tension to form uniform, stable foams that can then be used in the production of foamed concrete. Foaming agents are substances that make their aqueous solutions produce large quantities of foam when a mechanical force is added to the air. It is also known as a surface-active substance or surfactant. Surface active activity is the essence of a foaming agent. The core of foaming is its surface active action. Without it, foaming agents cannot be made or become foaming agents.
Use concrete foaming agents
Concrete foaming agents fall under one of the narrower foaming agents. Only a small portion of narrow blowing agents can be used for foam concrete. It is determined by foam concrete’s technical characteristics.
The use of foaming agents in industrial production is different from that used for daily civil purposes. Each application field has different requirements. An example of this is the fire extinguisher foaming material. It only needs its instantaneous foaming volume as well as oxygen barrier ability. However, it does not need to be more stable or delicate. A flotation foaming material used in mining is another example. It only needs to have a strong adhesive force and good foaming forces for the object, and it does not require a high foaming multiple nor foam stability. This is just a small sample of the many uses for foaming agents. It is widely used and can be found in many industries. There are different performance requirements in each industry for foaming agents. One industry might not use the same foaming agent, while another may find it ineffective. Concrete foaming agents are also used for fulfilling technical specifications. The agent is capable of large-scale foam production, but it also takes into consideration the stability, delicate nature, and adaptability of concrete, foam, and other cementing substances. These foaming agents are very limited and cannot be used for the production of concrete. Foaming agents for concrete foam must contain only a few surfactants and surface-active materials that can meet these technical requirements.

Use of concrete foaming agents
1. The concrete foaming agent concentration is usually high so the foaming machine can only produce low levels of foam and will waste it. The foaming agents used in direct-add machines are usually high in concentration, so they can’t produce good quality foam. However, it is easy to jam the concrete foam machine into your pump. Both concrete foaming agent foaming effects and concrete foaming agent diluting are important. A good dilution is essential for concrete foaming agent dilution and foaming effect. The manufacturer’s suggested dilution should be used to calculate the ideal dilution. However, the test must be done in the foaming machine directly to establish the correct dilution.
2. It is important to determine the mixture ratio and dilute the liquid into a foaming liquid. Then, you can make foam products using the foaming fluid. After the foaming agent has been fully dissolved, you can observe any blisters in the water cylinder. Then, mix the concrete with the stirring tools.

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