The Iron Disc in Poke Ball


Mar 19, 2023

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The iron disc is one of the base ingredients for crafting all Poke Balls. It can be obtained by using a hammer on an anvil. It is then turned into an Iron Base.

It is a useful material for weighting down a plank, which can help to prevent the player from falling off of it when trying to attack the Giant Beetle. It is also a good tool to use when using the Counterbalance to block the Front Door from being opened.

Pt patterned pure iron is an effective metal for treating a range of conditions because it has excellent cytotoxicity, hemocompatibility and corrosion resistance. The cytotoxicity of Pt is related to the release of metallic ions and degradation particles into body fluids which can promote or inhibit cell metabolic activities and proliferation.

However, the concentration of Pt ions released into the body fluid is very low due to the high chemical stability of Pt. The results of the extractions showed that the Pt ions in the samples matched to that of uncoated pure iron, which suggests that the cytotoxic effect of Pt discs patterned pure iron could be very small.

Moreover, the hemocompatibility of Pt discs patterned pure iron is also very good. Its hemolysis rate was lower than 5%, the judging criterion for biomaterials in ASTM F756-0834, which is very similar to that of uncoated pure iron.

Furthermore, Pt discs patterned pure iron exhibited fast corrosion rates in DMEM as shown in Figure 2. They kept their fastest corrosion rate throughout the whole experimental period and were about 4 times faster than uncoated pure iron. The rate of VSMC cell growth was also significantly inhibited when they were coated with Pt discs.