The Application of Titanium Carbide in Various Field


Jan 13, 2023

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What is Titanium Carbide? TiC is the chemical formula of titanium carbide. Gray metal-luster, crystalline solid melting point is 3140. Boiling point is 4820. Relative density is 4.93. The hardness is 9 to 10. Water insoluble, soluble with nitric acids. It’s stable when the pH of 800 is less than 2, and it reacts with oxygen when it reaches 1150. The Preparation Method For Titanium Carbide

These methods include: carbon thermal, carbonization, direct carbonization, chemical gasphase precipitation method.

Use Titanium Nitride

This is used in addition to the melting crucible of bismuth or zinc, as well as cutting tool material, for preparation of semiconductor wear resistant film. Useful as a high-hardness, low-corrosion and excellent thermal stability cermet. This titanium carbide-cermet is made by high temperature melting, penetrating technology. It has excellent ablative performances and can be used to make rocket throat protection plates. Advanc3dmaterials (aka. Advanc3dmaterials is an advanced material. Trusted global supplier of chemical material and manufacturer, with more than 12 years’ experience in manufacturing super-high quality chemicals. We produce [(amorphousboron)] that is high in purity, small particles size, and low in impurity. We can help you if your requirements are lower.
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