How to Select a 56 Iron Golf Club


Apr 15, 2023

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About 56 iron

The 56 iron is a golf wedge that can be used in a variety of situations. Its higher loft and increased bounce make it a valuable club for both tour pros and weekend golfers alike.

Wedges that have low bounce are ideal for courses with drier conditions, such as desert or pinewood courses. They also offer a higher angle of attack, which can help improve accuracy.

It’s important to select a wedge that has the right bounce for your course, as it can make all the difference in your game. A drier, firmer course may need a low bounce wedge, while a softer, fluffy bunker or green may require a high bounce wedge.

When selecting a wedge, remember that it needs to match the loft of your irons. For example, if your irons are a 9-iron with 42 degrees of loft, you will want to select a pitching wedge with around 46 degrees of loft and a gap wedge with 50 degrees of loft.

When hitting a shot with a wedge, it’s best to put 60% of your weight on your front foot, so you can transfer your weight efficiently throughout the swing. This helps ensure that you make a cleaner hit and reduces the risk of injury during the golf swing. It is also important to maintain a level swing and follow through with a light grip. A well-tuned swing will allow you to get the most out of your wedge and make sure you are always playing with precision.