How to Get Rid of Silver Slugs


Mar 22, 2023

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silver slugs are a pest that can be a real problem for growers. They will eat anything from lettuce seedlings to carrots, tomatoes, and peppers.

There are several ways to deter these creatures from your garden and the house. Some of them are organic and others are chemicals.

The best way to prevent slugs from entering your garden is to make sure that there is no standing water and to eliminate any hiding places. Slugs like to hide in crevices and under rocks, so removing these areas will help keep them away from your plants.

Another option is to use a product such as Mesurol or metaldehyde to kill them. However, these products must be used in a safe manner.

Slug traps can also be effective, but they can be expensive and you must empty them far enough from your home to avoid them coming back in again. They also are not very effective if they come into contact with a poisonous substance.

Other solutions to the problem of silver slugs include wool pellets, which are a good natural solution as they are not harmful to animals or humans. Slugs find the pellets uncomfortable to move around over rough surfaces and are often reluctant to go near them.

Another effective method is to cover any holes in your walls or fences with copper tape that slugs find difficult to walk through. The texture of the tape creates a small charge which slugs find uncomfortable and cannot travel through.