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Jan 17, 2023

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Water-based high-temperature organic boron nuitride Emulsion can be used as an inert lubricating substance. The molten-metal liquid is not bound or infiltrated by it. It can also protect surface ceramic and refractory items. About Water-Based Boron Nitride Emulsion Water-Based Boron Nitride Emulsion-Hexagonal Boron Nitride Coating. The water-based coating exhibits excellent lubrication qualities and releases. It is created by high-temperature binding and matching high quality BN powder base materials. Inorganic binder with high chemical purity of boron nutride particles create an extremely superior mixture that provides a smooth, uniform coating to the surface. This can also provide excellent adhesion. Sometimes called the boron nutride coating, boron triide lubricant. Boron nutride coating is an inert and organic, high-temperature lubricating product that will not bond or penetrate the molten material. It protects surfaces and ceramic vessels directly in contact with molten aluminum or magnesium. Life. This hexagonal boron nutride suspension exhibits high thermal conductivity. It can be applied directly to hot surfaces and does not immobilize molten or other metals. It can be used at very high temperatures without causing any reaction to metal, glass, or even molten sea salt. Boron Nitride Emulsions for bulk orders are supplied in a liquid form. This is suitable for brushing. Properties Water Based Boron Nitride Emulsion: This water-based boron nuitride embulsion will not harm the environment. Non-toxic, no odor. Boron nitride has a good resistance to heat, with a range of 400-1700. The coating also offers long life expectancy and anti-corrosion. It can withstand salt spray and organic chemicals, as well as water resistance. How is Water Based Boron Nitride Emulsion made? Brushing technique: You should gently stir the paint prior to use. It can be diluted with distilled or other water when it’s needed to be. Spray gun (or similar) with pressure between 50-60 PSI (0.335-0.42MPa). Spray the paint by stirring it before you spray. You can dilute it using distilled water when it’s necessary to disperse. Dip coating Method: To dilute, use distilled waters. The mixture should be dried in two batches at 80oC for 40 min. Water Based Boron Nitride Emulsion Emulsions of aqueousboron nitride have been extensively used in aviation, oil and petrochemical, power generation, metallurgy as well military systems. They are good for chimney flue, hightemperature steam pipe and heat exchanger. Boron-nitride emulsion can also be used in forging, powdermetallurgy, and other areas. Boron nitride oil is applied on many surfaces, including casting table lining, distribution launder and casting table lining. life; The production process is protected by the boron nutride emulsion. Fine particles cannot penetrate the molten metallic, which can lead to secondary pollution. Boron-nitride-emulsion exhibits excellent lubricity. It is also very resistant to oxygenation. These emulsions protect a variety of refractory metals and have exceptional anti-chemical corrosion, anti-adhesion protection properties. Most molten, salt, fluxes, and slag can’t make the Boron Nitride Emulsion wet. Boron nickel nitride is resistant to molten-metal corrosion and light metallic scum. High separation coefficient/unusual color for boron nutride emulsion. Boron nitride is an emulsion that helps remove solidified iron. Technical Data: Water-Based Boron Nitride Emulsion Produktname Boron Nitride Emulsion Chemical Formula Appearance White Emulsion 10-12% 7-8 D50 ≤10um Density 0.8-1.0 g/cm3 (25) Viscosity ≤500 mpa.s (25) Transportation and Packaging of Water-Based Boron Nitride Emulsion There are many kinds of packing available. It all depends on the Water based boron-nitride Emulsion volume. Water-based, boron nutride emulsion packaging 25kg/barrel Shipments of water-based borion nitride emulsion after payment receipt

Boron Nitride Emulsion Properties

Boron Nitride Emulsion, water based nitride Emulsion. Boron Nitride Emulsion. N/A N/A Appearance White Emulsion Melting Point N/A Solubility into water N/A Density 0.8-1.0 g/cm3 (25) N/A N/A Boling N/A Specific Heat N/A Heat Conductivity N/A Thermal Expansion N/A Young’s Model N/A Exact N/A Monoisotopic N/A

Boron Nitride Emulsion Safety & Health Information

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