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Jan 14, 2023

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Natural composite graphite/216 is made up 70% of natural graphite 30% of artificial graphite. The main benefits of artificial graphite are increased liquid absorption as well as circulation. Particle Size 14um Lithium Battery Partition Material 99.95% Natural Composite Graphite 216 Natural graphite is an unmineralized mineral. It forms from regional metamorphisms in sedimentary rocks richer in carbon or organic matter. This can typically be classified into crystalline (flake), and cryptocrystalline (earthy). The extent of crystallization plays a significant role in the technology properties and usages of graphite. The crystal structure of natural graphite allows for the division into crystalline and cryptocrystalline forms. Crystalline graphite The graphite crystals found in flaky graphite ore are larger than 1m and more flaky. Although the quality of the ore is very low, there are many benefits. Many of the minerals found in graphite include mica and feldspar as well quartz, tremolite (diopside), garnet, and small amounts of pyrite. Cryptocrystalline graphite Amorphous or earth-like, cryptotite graphite also exists. A graphite ink made from cryptocrystalline graphite (ore) has a diameter of less that 1m. It is composed of microcrystals. Crystal shape can be seen with an electron microscope. The graphite minerals include quartz, calcite, and others. Quartz, calcite, etc. are all minerals commonly associated with graphite. Please feel free to inquire about the price of 216. Performance for Anode Material 99.95% Organic Composite Graphite 216?
Natural composition graphite 221 has the properties of high energy, long life and minimal expansion.
Technical Parameters of Anode Material 99.95% Organic Composite Graphite 216? Number Particle Size ( D50 ) SSA Gram Capacity Compacted density  Tr-216 14um 1.1±0.1 g/cc 2.0±0.5 m2/g 365-367 mAH/g 1.67 How is Lithium battery anode material 99.95% natural composite graphite 216 produced? The invention describes the process of making natural graphite-based electrode materials. It involved mixing the micro-oxidized, natural graphite with stage products pyrolysis carb of melamine in a specific mass ratio. Finally, natural graphite composites with high performances were made by screening after ball milling. Applications Graphite 216 . Natural graphite is graphite naturally produced. Natural graphite (or graphite) is an important industrial mineral. It can be found in just about every facet of manufacturing including electronics and powder metallurgy. Storage of Anode Material 99.95% Graphite 216? Natural composite graphite216 must be kept in dry, well-ventilated place, away from any other pollutants (recommended: Temperature >=45 and humidity >=85%). Stacking Natural composite graphite216 should be organized and clearly identified. You should take care while transporting the packages to minimize any damage. Packing & shipping of anode material 99.95% natural composite graphite 216? The natural composite graphite number 216 can be used to determine the type of packing. Natural composite graphite 21 packing: 1kg/bag (5kg/bag), 25kg/carton (or as you request). Shipping: Natural composite graphite, 216.

Natural Composite with Graphite Mineral Properties

Natural compound graphite 221 – graphite. N/A N/A N/A Appearance N/A Melting Point N/A Solubility into water N/A Density 1.67 99.95% 14um  Boling message N/A Specific Heat N/A Heat Conductivity N/A Thermal Expansion N/A Young’s Mode N/A Exact N/A Monoisotopic N/A

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