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Dec 14, 2022

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Zirconium carbide nanoparticles is a hard material that has excellent high-temperature refractory properties. It is used for raw materials in solid propellants and rocket engines. Purity: 99% Particle Size: 20nm Zirconium Carbide 3pdm particles 3pdm ZrC Poultry: Zirconium cadmium are high melting materials with excellent hardness. It has the chemical formula ZrC. Zirconium carbide Powder features a high melting and hardness. It does not have good chemical stability. It won’t react to water. Solvent in acid. Zirconium-carbid dissolves in acid. Zirconium-carbid can react with chlorine gas at elevated temperatures to produce zirconium tartrachloride. It is 700 degrees Fahrenheit and can be ignited in air to create zirconia. It doesn’t react with water. 3pdm – A trusted global Zirconium Carbide Atomparticles NZrC Powder seller. Zirconium Carbide 3pdm particles 3pdm ZrC Pulp Performance: Zirconium carbide nanoparticles (CAS12070-14-3) have high purity, small size, uniform distributions, large specific area, high heat resistance and oxidation resistance. This important material has high melting points, is strong and resistant to corrosion, has high strength and good toughness, and it can absorb visible light as well as reflect infrared. Parameter Technical of Zirconium Carbide 3pdm particles 3pdm ZrC powder: Produktname Purity Size of Particle Crystal form SSA Zirconium Carbide 3pdm partiles ZrC 99% 20nm Cubic 11m2/g Zirconium Carbide Microparticles ZrC Dust Production? Zirconium Carbide are made by heating zirconia, coke in an electronic furnace. Zirconium carbide can be prepared by using the zirconium-carbide method of carbon reduction. Zirconium Carbid was produced by chemicalvapor deposition, zirconium trichloride reacting and hydrocarbons within a hydrogen atmosphere at about 900 1400. Zirconium Carbide – 3pdm ZrC Powder Zirconium-carbide (ZrC is an ultra hard ceramic material for use in cutting machines. Zirconium-carbid serves primarily as an abrasive, but can also be used to create cemented caride. Zirconium sulfide has been used in the production of rocket engine propellants. They are used in the fabrication of alloy steel. It’s also used to produce zirconium tetrachloride and zirconium trioxide. Zirconium karbid is known for its hardness. This makes it suitable to be used in drills as well as other tools that are wear-resistant. 3pdm zirconium-carbid can also be used in the fields metallurgy, chemical industries, and aviation. Uses fiber, carbide and thermostatic textiles in the textile industry. Also, these nanoparticles make up composites in ceramics as well as metal substrates. Zirconium cadmium was previously used for incandescent filaments. It is now mostly used for abrasives. ZrC mol can be used as a raw material for cemented carbide. Shipping & Packing Zirconium Carbide 3pdm particles NZrC Powder There are many packing options available depending on the number of nanoparticles in zirconium carbide. Zirconium carbide nanoparticles packaging vacuum Packaging, 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel. Other sizes available upon request Zirconium caride nanoparticles shipping Could be shipped out via air, sea and express after payment receipt. 3pdm advanced materials. With over twelve years experience as a reliable global supplier of chemical material and manufacturer, (3pdm), we can provide super high quality chemicals and nanomaterials including graphite, nitride, boride, sulfide, 3D printing powder, and more. Contact us if you need high-quality micro ZrC flour. (brad@ihpa.net)

Zirconium Carbide Properties

zirconium(IV) carbide, methylidynezirconium, ZrC powder 12070-14-3 ZrC 103.23 Appearance Gray Powder Melting Point 3532 Boiling Point 5100 Density 6.73 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 102.912529

Zirconium Cabide Health and Safety Information

Danger Hazard Statements H228-H302-H312-H332 Hazard Codes F. Risk Codes 11-20/21/22
Safety Declarations 16-27-33-36/37/39 Transport Information UN3178 4.1/PG2
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