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Nov 22, 2022

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Zinc selenide comes in the chemical form ZnSe. This light yellow, solid compound is commonly used in areas such as laser medicine, astronomy, night vision, and medicine. Particle Size: Granule (-100mesh). Purity: 99.9% Zinc selenide ZnSe powder: Zinc Selenide or Zinc Selenide can be described as an organic compound having a molecular formula ZnSe, a molecular weigh of 144.35 and mollecular formula ZnSe. It is yellow cubic crystals. Relative density 5.65, refractive indice 2.89 Sublimation. It is 60% to transmit infrared light at wavelengths lower than 15 m. A quick change in color can be seen if the light stays in the air for a long period of time or if the dilute nitric acids is used, it will decompose quickly. Zinc-selenide is not soluble in water. However, it reacts to acids to produce toxic hydrogen selenide gas. Zinc selenide or ZnSe (ZnSe) consists of zinc and selenium. It is an intrinsic semiconductor and has a bandgap approximately 2.70eV @ 25°C/77°F. ZnSe (wideband gap semiconductor) is part of the IIVI semiconductor family. P-type canping is more complex but can still be accomplished by inserting gallium Zinc Selenide is composed of selenium & zinc II-VI compounds semiconductor materials. Once heated to a specified temperature in the open, these substances will undergo oxidization to carbon dioxide, selenium, or zinc oxide. It’s a compound semiconductor which can emit visible lights from yellow-colored materials. You can send an inquiry and get the latest prices if Zinc Selenide ZnSe Powder is what you need. Zinc Selenide ZincSe Pulp – Zinc selenide can be described chemically as ZnSe. The molecular weight is 144.33. It’s a white solid compound with a light yellow color and is insoluble within water. It can be prepared from zinc chloride, zinc sulfurate, and other compounds. hydrogen selenide. Useful in areas such as laser, medicine and astronomy. The yellow transparent zinc selenide crystal material has a crystal size of around 70m. There is also a light transmission range from 0.5-15m. Due to its 10.6m wavelength absorbance, zinc selenide has gained popularity as a material of choice in the production of high-power CO2 LED systems. This material can also be used in other optical systems throughout its light transmission range. Specification Zin Selenide Zinc Se Powder – Zinc Selenide ZnSe Zinc SelenideColor light yellow Zinc Selenide Web Weight 144 Zinc SelenideMelting tip 1100 Zinc SelenideCAS 1315-09-9 Zinc SelenideEINECS 215-259-7 Zinc selenide density 5.42 g/cm3 How Zinc Selenide SnSe Powder are they made? Zinc-selenide can be produced by reacting H2Se to ZnSO4 solutions or by reacting ZnO, ZnS with Se, then heating it up to 800. As a catalyst for organic synthesis, acetone can be made from isopropanol. A phosphatphor, a compound that has small amounts of Zn and Cd, is one example. 1. You add dilute zinc solution buffered in ammonium acetate to the saturated water solution. Finally, you add H2Se diluted with N2 and/or H2 gas to the solution. A steam bath is used to heat the container. Excess H2Se gases are then absorbed by a washbot containing concentrated sodium acid. Too much or too slow of the zinc salt solution will result in the formation of a white precipitate. Once the ZnSe is transformed to yellow, it can take some time for it to separate. To separate the precipitate, first wash it with boiled dilute amonia. Then rinse with methanol. ZnSe precipitates after cleaning were dried in vacuum dryers containing CaCl2. It then dried in dryers containing P2O5 at 120 ° C. Zinc selenide has a high sensitivity to humidity when it’s wet. You will need to heat the dry product at 600, H2 and H2Se temperatures for about 2 – 4 hours. This will remove any oxygen from the product. 2. Mixture of 4g zinc oxide, 2g zinc sulfide (and 6g selenium) was added to a quartz vessel with lid. The ZnSe product would be obtained by heating the container at 800F for approximately 15 minutes. Zinc Selenide ZnSe ZnSe Powder: ZnSe growth is done in melt, under high pressure inert gas (often Ar). This material is well suited for the 10.6 m wavelength of CO2 laser optics since it doesn’t absorb any light and is free from inclusions. ZnSe is therefore an extremely important infrared materials. It is extremely versatile in terms of transmission wavelengths (0.45 21.55 m). Refractive indexes of green were 550 nm and 2.40 (LWIR) respectively. ZnSe application include: 1. ZnSe can also be used in a doping agent for semiconductors and as a fluorescent material. 2. ZnSe finds wide use in medical, astronomy, and infrared fields. 3. Znse makes infrared transmission materials, and infraredoptical instruments. 4. ZnSe helps to create an IIVi LED, and diode Laser. It is capable of producing blue light. This infrared laser-gain medium, called Cr Doped ZinSe (ZnSe = Cr), emits at 2.4m. 5. Active ZnSe is a scintillator that has a wavelength measurement of 640nm. It is useful for matching the photodiode. It is useful for gamma-ray detections as well as Xrays. ZnSe scintillator looks very different to the ZnS. Shipping and Packaging of Zinc Selenide ZincSe Pu Powder : Zinc Selenide ZnSe ZnSe Packing: vacuum packing. 1 kg/bag. 25kg/barrel. Zinc Selenide ZnSe Powder shipping – is possible by ship, express or air after payment receipt.

Zinc Selenide znSe Powder Properties

Zinc Selenide, IR grade zinc selenide, Zinc monoselenide, Stilleite, selanylidenezinc, selenoxozinc, Zn-Se, Zn-SE-04-P, Zn3Se2 1315-09-9 ZnSe 144.35 Appearance Light yellow crystal solid Melting Point 1520-1525 °C Solubility into water 0.01g/100g water Density 5.27 g/cm3 99.90% granule, -100mesh Bolingpoint N/A 340 J/kg-K Heat Conductivity 18 W/m-K (@ 298K) Thermal Expansion 7.3 µm/m-K Young’s Mode 67.269 GPa Exact 143.845668 Monoisotopic 143.845673 DA

Zinc Selenide ZnSe Poultry Health & Safety Information

Safety Warn Danger Hazard Statements H301-H331-H373-H410 Flashing tip N/A Hazard Codes T,N Risk Codes 23/25-33-50/53 Safety Declarations 20/21-28-45-60-61 N/A Transport Information UN3283 HTML5_ WGK Germany 3
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