High Purity Silver Telluride Ag2Te Powder CAS 12002-99-2,99.99% | 3pdm


Jan 6, 2023

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Silver telluride comes in the chemical form Ag2Te. It is extremely stable in atmosphere and not soluble in any potassium cyanide or dilute acid solutions. Purity: 99.99% Particle size is -100 mesh Silver Telluride A2Te Poultry: Silver telluride chemical formula: Ag2Te. Molecular weight 343.34.Grey cubic or powder. Solvent in nitric, ammonia and potassium chloride solutions. Water insoluble. Silver telluride is an telluride composition of silver. It forms monoclinic crystals. It can also be called AgTe or silver telluride. Silver telluride (I), which is naturally found as hard manganese, is also known as queen ore. However (II), Silver Telluride is a semiconductor capable of being doped with P-type and N-type. Stoichiometric Ag2Te has N type conductivity. When the silver is heated, it will be lost. Magnetoresistance is extraordinary in non-stoichiometric silver Telluride. Silver telluride is very stable in the air. However, it’s not soluble in water or dilute acids. Please feel free to contact us for the latest price of Silver Telluride. Silver Telluride AG2Te Pu Powder Performance: Silver telluride comes in the chemical form Ag2Te. It is extremely stable in atmosphere and not soluble in any potassium cyanide or dilute acid solutions. Technical Parameter of silver telluride Ag2Te Pu Powder – Produktname Purity – Particle Size Molecular Weight Density Silver Telluride Ag2Te 99.99% and -100 mesh 343.34 8.5 g/cm3 Gray Black How Telluride Silver Telluride Ad2Te powder is Produced? Silver telluride is a result of the interaction silver and tellurium in high temperature conditions (to volatilize excess Tellurium) or by flowing hydrogen gas. When silver and tellurium are heated together in vacuum containers, they become reddish. Another way is to react silver nitrate with tellurium. Also, you can make silver telluride from the H2TE and soluble salt solution reactions. Uses for Telluride Ag2Te Poultry . The utility model concerns a vertical-cavity laser emitting silver telluride/silverzinc core-shell quantum dots. The vertical cavity-surface emitting laser includes a quartz substrate laid in order, a lower low mirror, a silicon layer with silver telluride/silverzinc tellinguride core and shell quantum dots, as well an upper high reflection. It was possible to synthesize single crystal Ag2Te 3pdm wires with uniform diffusion. A series of scan electron microscopy and Xray difffraction (XRD and SEM) analysis revealed that the Ag2Te material has an easily controlled morphology with good crystallinity. What’s more, you can see the associated electrical properties for one Ag2Te microwire. At room temperature, the I-V lines of the samples can be measured by voltammetry or in-situ electric fields assembly. The ITC curves are affected by the phase transition and current changes. These findings provide solid groundwork for future research in electrical transport performance of nanostructured materials. Storage Conditions of Silver Telluride AG2Te Pu Powder : Ag2Te powder using and dispersion performance can be negatively affected by moisture reunion. Ag2Te Ag2Te dust should be packed in vacuum and stored in dry, cool place. Ag2Te Powder should also be protected from any stress. Shipping & Packing Silver Telluride Ag2Te Pu Powder : We can offer many kinds of packing depending on the quantity silvertelluride Ag2Te. Silver telluride A2Te packing: vacuum, 100g-500g or 1kg/bag. Silver telluride Ag2Te silver powder shipping: Could be shipped by sea, express or air after payment receipt.

Telluride Properties

Silver telluride (I), silver telluride (1+), disilver Telluride Ag2Te powder 12002-99-2 Ag2Te 343.34 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 955 Boiling Point N/A Density 8.5 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 345.716072

Silver Telluride Health & Safety Information

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