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Dec 15, 2022

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An aluminum scandium intermediate alloy is a highly-performing aluminum alloy. It has the ability to not only refine the as-cast grains but also increase the recrystallizationtemperature to enhance the strength. Al-Sc Aloy: Al-Sc alloy is a form of high-performance aluminum. A variety of methods can be used to produce an aluminum alloy that is high-performing. Recent research has focused on microalloying, hardening, and toughening high-performance alloys. Scandium aluminum alloy is a unique combination of scandium metal and aluminum. Scandium, a silvery-white metal transition, is frequently listed in the Rare Earth Elements (REE) category along with ytrium(Y) or the 15 Lanthanides (15 La) elements. Scandium can be added to aluminum in order to improve its strength. Scandium can help reduce excessive growth of grains within the weld heat-affected region of aluminum. 3pdm is an international trusted supplier of Al Sc Alloy Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al. Please feel free to contact us for the most current price of AlSc Aloy anytime. Product Performance of Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy : Aluminium scandium intermediate alloy is a highly-performance alloy of aluminum. It can significantly refine the ascast alloy grains, raise the recrystallization temp to improve strength and toughness, and also dramatically improve weldability. How Scandium Alloy Aluminium Alloy Alloy Procured? Al-Sc alloys are made from the master al alloy. You can prepare Al-Sc alloy using the following method: Preparation for anhydrous scanningdium chloride (molten salt) 1. Vacuum dehydration Use hydrochloric to dissolve the SC2O3; then, mix SC2O3 : NaCl : KCl : NH4Cl. Evaporation, vacuum removal. 2. Dehydrate at room temperature Under argon protection, vacuum dehydrated salt is heated to create molten Salt of ScCl3NaClKCl. Al-MgSc master alloy preparation Industrial pure aluminum, and industrial pur magnesium are made by proportional heating melting. SCCl3NaClKCl melting salts and certain additives can be added for casting, smelting, aluminum and magnesium master alloys. Annoying Scandium Al Aluminum Alloy Al Sc Alloy HTML3_ HTML4_ In small aerospace parts, aluminum scandium alloys are utilized. The most common content of scandium is 2%. Scandium is important in controlling the excess growth of grains inside the heat-affected region of aluminum welding. Scandium can reduce the grain size and increase the strength. SC-Al also finds use in certain sports equipment including lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, and frames for bicycles. Scandium can make aluminum stronger. A Scandium-alluminium alloy is more weldable During extrusion and form, the grain structure does not change. The temperature of zirconium and it can be combined will increase. Scandium, when added to an aluminum alloy, can increase grain refinement and the recrystallization temp from 250 to 280. Scandium is an excellent grain refiner of aluminum alloy. It also acts as a recrystallization inhibitor. This substance has a major effect on the microstructure, properties and strength of the alloy. Scandium exhibits good dispersive strength and stability under high temperatures. Scandium’s ability to inhibit recrystallization will eliminate the recrystallization zone in the heating-affected region of the welding. Because the subcrystalline structure can be transferred to the as-cast structure, the weld joint of aluminum alloys with scandium has higher strength and lower corrosion rates. Scandium’s effects on corrosion resistance are also dependent upon the quality of grain and how the recrystallization process is inhibited. Scandium may increase superplasticity by adding it to an aluminum alloy. A superplastic treatment may increase the aluminum alloy’s length by about 0.5%. It can even reach 1100% Scandium-alluminium alloys are now more competitive than Al-Li. Scandium aluminum alloy’s potential uses are many. They can be found in aerospace, missile, nuclear power, shipbuilding, and other high tech fields. It is possible to make a range of high-performance aluminum materials from scratch by adding scandium. Storage Conditon of Scandium Aluminum Alloy Alloy Al Sc Alloy – Al-Sc alloy dispersion performance, and uses effects can be adversely affected by moisture reunion. Scandium aluminum alloy should therefore be vacuum packed and kept in a dry, cool place. Al-Sc alloy should not be subject to extreme stress. Packing & Shipping of Scandium Alloy Aluminium Alloy Al – Sc Alloy. We can offer you a range of packages to fit your requirements. Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy Packaging: vacuum Packaging, 100g 500g or 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel. Scandium aluminum alloy Al-Sc alloy Shipping: We can ship by sea, express or air to you as soon after we receive your payment receipt.

Scandium Alumium Alloy Properties

AlSc. ScAl. Sc.Al. Sc.Al. Sc.Al. Sc.Al. Sc.Al. Sc.Al. Scunddium aluminum. Sc.Al. Powder. 113413-85-7 Sc-Al 71.93 Appearance Metallic, solid Melting Point 655 Boiling Point N/A Density 2.7 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 71.937451

Safety & Health Information

Danger Hazard Statements H228-H261 Hazard Codes Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A Transport Information Un3077 9/PG III
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