High Purity Mercury Telluride HgTe Powder CAS 12068-90-5, 99.9% | 3pdm


Dec 17, 2022

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The binary inorganic compound mercury telluride has the chemical name HgTe and is composed of elements such as tellurium or mercury. It is a black, powdery substance at roomtemperature. Purity: 99.99% Particle Size : -100 mm Mercury Telluride, HgTe and Powder Mercury selenide is a binary mixture of tellurium, mercury, and other elements. HgTe describes the chemical formula. It is semi-metal and related to class I-VI semiconductors. Another names include mercury telluride (II), and mercury-telluride. Mercury selenide or grayish-black Tetragonal Crystal is Mercury Selenide. Poisonous.Relative density 8.266. To sublimation purple-black. A high conductivity material, with a maximum of 3000-1cm-1. Please feel free to inquire at any time about the current Mercury Telluride price. Mercury Telluride High-Te Powder Performance: HgTe stands for mercury telluride. The chemical formula is HgTe. This is a transparent black crystal that forms at room temperature. Technical Parameter – Mercury Telluride HagTe Pu Powder : Produktname Purity – Particle Size Molecular Weight Mercury Telluride 99.99% is a 100 mesh 328.19 12068-90-5 Gray Black How Mercury Telluride HagTe HgPe Powder Is it Produced? These are the steps to prepare mercury selenide: 1. A dilute solution containing HgCl2 in water is mixed with H2Se and dissolved into the solution to form HgTe. Do not add too much HgCl2. If you do, then HgCl22HgTe precipitation is possible. 2. Mix HgCl2 to NaCN solution that is highly ammoniacal according to stoichiometrics. Then, add SeO2 of equal weight to the mix solution. SO2 gas is then passed into it. It is essential to maintain the pH of the solution throughout the reaction in order for the red-colored selenium not to precipitate. It is determined the SO2 rate that absorbs less. This will indicate when the reaction has reached its end. Once the reaction had ended, the HgTe filtered was washed and rinsed with dilute NaCl solutions containing ammonia. 3. To determine the stoichiometric relationship, Hg is placed in a closed vessel of high pressure and then the reaction happens at a temperature of 550 600. Next, the product must be sublimated. Purified N2 flows 600 650 can purify the product and give you pure HgTe. Mercury Telluride HagTe powder Mercury selenide, which is semi-metallic, can be used in making solar cells. It’s also used in fabricating thin-film transistors. Infrared detectors. and ultrasonic amps. This material is also used for high-resolution Hall effect films. As a photocatalyst, Hg selenide was utilized to remove organic dye contaminants. To photocatalyze the degradation of organic dye contaminants, visible light was applied to them. HgTe then served as photocatalyst. In high-pressure discharge lamps to replace mercury. Other chemical components, such as metal halides, metals or chemicals, can also be used to enhance mercury selenide. High-intensity discharge lamps with liquid mercury may be used in a reduced amount. Also, HgTe is stable and there’s no mercury vapor leakage or liquid mercury even if the lamp fails. Mercury Telluride Mercury Te Powder Storage Condition: It will reduce HgTe powder performance and use results. To avoid damp reunion, it is important to seal mercury telluride HgTe in vacuum bags and keep the powder in cool, dry areas. HgTe Powder should also be avoided when under stress. Packing & Shipping of Mercury Telluride HagTe Pulp : We offer many packing options that are dependent on the HgTe amount. Mercury telluride and HgTe powder packing vacuum, 100g,500g or a 1kg/bag at 25kg/barrel. Shipping mercury telluride HgTe-powder: Could be shipped either by sea or by air after receipt of payment.

Mercury Telluride Properties

mercuric and mercury(II), telluride, Telluroxomercury tellanylidenemercury, HgTe powder 12068-90-5 328.19 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 673 Boiling Point N/A Density 8.63 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 331.876867

Mercury Telluride Safety & Health Information

Danger Hazard Statements H300-H310-H330-H373-H400-H410 Hazard Codes T+. Risk Codes 26/27/28-33-50/53
Safety Declarations 13-28-45-60-61 Transport Information 6.1/II
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