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Dec 14, 2022

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MAX Ceramics Material Vanadium and Aluminum Carbide possess excellent conductivity as they are molecular-sheets made from the carbides of transition metals like titan. Particle Sizes: 200mesh,400mesh Purity: 99% About MAX Ceramics Vanadium Aluminum Carbide (V4AlC3) Powder V4AlC3, vanadium alcaride also known by vanadium alcarbon, Max phase research can been traced back as far as the 1960s, Nowotny et al. In 2000, Barsoum proposed the notion of ternary transformation metal carbide/nitride. Barsoum, who introduced the concept of ternary transition metal carbide or nitride in 2000, called these materials “Mn+1Axn phases” (or simply “Max phase”). It is composed of M, the transition metal, A, the dominant element group and either N or C. The MAX ceramic families includes aluminium vanadium carbide. 3pdm is an international MAX Supplier Vanadium Aluminum Carbide Powder. Please feel free to inquire at any time about the Vanadium aluminum carbide pricing. Product Performance of Vanadium Aluminum Carbide V4AlC3 Powder :
Vanadium-alcoide carbide V4AlC3 has high strength and elastic modus. High thermal conductivity is high and it’s easy to work with.
Technical Parameters – Vanadium Aluminum Carbide powder V4AlC3 : Produktname Purity – Particle Size Molecular Weight Melting Point Vanadium Aluminum Carbide V4AlC3 99% 200 mesh, 400 mesh 196 2000 Gray Black How Max Special Ceramics Material Vanadium Iron Carbid E V4AlC3 Dust Is Produced? V4AlC3 substances were obtained from V and Al powders by using combustion reaction. V4AlC3 was synthesized using both self-propagating heat-temperature and thermal explosion synthesis. V-AlC3’s thermal-mechanical system analysis was conducted. Products phase composition and morphology were examined by scanning electron microscopic and X-ray difffraction. V4AlC3 was synthesized by a reaction that has been discussed. Applications MAX Special ceramics Material Vanadium Aluminum. Carbide. V4AlC3 Powder . V4AlC3 will be used in MAX special ceramic materials, electronic materials, high temperature structural material and electric brush material. Storage Situation of Vanadium Aluminum Carbide Vol. 4AlC3 Powder: V4AlC3 dust dispersion and performance can be affected by moisture reunion. V4AlC3 – Vanadium Aluminium Carbid V4AlC3 – powder must be packed in vacuum and kept in dry, cool place. V4AlC3 must not be placed under any strain. Packing & Shipping Vanadium Aluminum Carbide v4AlC3 Puffer : There are many options for packing, which all depend on the V4AlC3 amount. Vanadium aluminum carbide powder packing: vacuum Packing, 100g 500g or one kg/bag. Vanadium aluminum carbonide V4AlC3 (powder shipping): can be shipped by sea, express, or by air once payment receipt has been paid.

Vanadium Aluminum Carbide Powder Properties

V4AlC3MAXene Phase Powder, V4AlC3 N/A V4AlC3 Molecular Weight 140.87 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 2000 Boiling Point N/A Density 4.85 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Thermal Expansion N/A

Health & Safety information

Warning Hazard Statements H228 Hazard Codes Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A Transport Information UN3178 4.1/PGIII
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