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Dec 6, 2022

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Magnesium Nitride or Mg3N2 powder is a known solid catalyst, used for additives in the production of specialty alloys and ceramics. Purity: 99% Particle sizes: 5-10um What is Magnesium Nitride, and what does it do? Magnesium nutride is an inorganic combination of magnesium, nitrogen. It has a color of greenish yellow at both room and high pressure. Magnesium nutride is an inorganic compound that is composed of both magnesium and nitrogen. The molecular formula for Mg3N2 gives it a molecularweight of 100.9494. It is a cubic crystal. Magnesium nutride reacts in water with ammonia to form it, just like most metal nitrides. For magnesium nitride preparation, the magnesium belt may be burnt in nitrogen. It can be used as a catalyst. Magnesium nutride: Specifications for Technique Synonym(s): Trimagnesium dinitride Modified magnesium nitride HTML3_ Linear Form: Mg3N2 Magnesium-nitride . CAS No: . 12057-71-5 Magnesium trioxide Molecular Weight: 100.93 Magnesium trioxide 235-022-1 Magnesium-nitride HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML7_ HTML9_ HTML8_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML3_ HTML3_ HTML5_ HTML3_ HTML5_ HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML4_ HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML3_ HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML4_ HTML3_ HTML3_ HTML3_ MFCD00016205 These 2 valence atoms make up Mg. Mg2+ is formed by the loss of these 2 electrons. It is able to gain three valence neutrons in order to create the N3 ion. To balance charges, the Mg2+ Ions are combined with 2 N3ions to form Mg3N2. Magnesium nutride dissolves easily in acid. However, it is not soluble in alcohol or ether. Like other metals nitrides like magnesium, it reacts in water to form ammonia. Ammonium and magnesium salts are produced when it reacts in acidic or non-metal-oxide-containing water. Since magnesium nitride reacts easily with water, (H2O), to become dissolved, it is best to keep it in a dry, sealed container. 3pdm is an established global supplier magnesium nitride. To inquire about the current Mg3N2 pricing of Magnesium Nitride, please contact us at anytime. Undiluted or large quantities of product should never be exposed to groundwater, waterways, or sewage system. Materials must not be discharged into the environs without approval. Similar to many metals nitrides like magnesium nitride it reacts well with water, generating magnesium hydroxide (and ammonia) gas. Mg3N2(s)+ 6 H2O(l)→3 Mg(OH)2(aq)+ 2 NH3(g) It is possible to form some magnesium nitride by heating magnesium in air. In thermal magnesium nitride decomposition, magnesium and nitride are formed. It is able to gain 3 valence elements, which allows it to become N3. To balance charges, the Mg2+ Ions are combined with 2 N3ions to form Mg3N2. Products Performance for Magnesium Nitride, Mg3N2 powder: Magnesium nutride’s direct bandgap is large, it has strong atomic links, excellent thermal conductivity, and chemical stability. (nearly no acid corrosion) and many other properties. The possibilities for applications in high-Frequency and high-power microwave devices are vast. Parameter Technical of Magnesium Nitride Mag3N2 powder: Produktname      MF        Purity    – Particle Size Melting Point Density magnesium nitride Mg3N2 99% 5-10um 800  2.712g/ml   yellow-brown Magnesium Nitride Powder Mg3N2 Chemical Composition: Mg3N2 Si 99% 11% balance 0.002% 0.2% 0.05% 0.15% How Magnesium Nittride Mg3N2 Pu manufactured? In nitrogen, the magnesium belt may be burnt to produce magnesium nitride. How do magnesium, nitrogen and other elements react? To form magnesium nitride solidified with nitrogen gas. You can make products with magnesium oxide by using the above process if you don’t have pure nitrogen. You should use dry NH3 to perform the reaction. Put the magnesium scraps inside a porcelain bowl or in a potted magnesia box. It is then placed in a porcelain tub. The T-shaped tube runs from one end to the other. One end of the tube is connected to a T-shaped tub. The other end can either be filled dry ammonia gaz or nitrogen. Connect the end of the porcelain tubes to a U shaped tube. Fill the tube with desiccant. The two dilute sulfuric- acid conical flasks, that are cylindrical in shape, absorb any gas from the reaction tub. The tube of the absorption bottle should be kept above the surface. This will prevent any back-suction. The porcelain tube should be dried with NH3 (or N2) until it emits no bubbles. Increase the temperature to 800 850. Once the magnesium powder is hot it’s time for H2 production. In order to stop the reaction from happening again, the pressure generated by NH3 should not be less than that outside atmosphere pressure. To prevent NH3 from suckling back, you should turn off the reactor. Magnesium N2 Powder Magnesium nutride(Mg3N2) dust is an established solid catalyst. It’s used as an additive for many purposes including making special alloys and ceramics. Where is magnesium trioxide used? 1. Magnesium nutrideis used when making nitrides for other elements. Cubic boron nutride was first synthesized successfully using magnesium nitride. 2. In high-strength, steel smelting, magnesium nitride is used as an additive. Magnesium-nitride, or Mg3N2, replaces desulfurized calcium in construction steel production. This has the potential to enhance steel’s density, strength, endurance and tensile strength. Furthermore, desulfurization with magnesium nitride Mg3N2 can help reduce additives and reduce production costs of construction steel. 3. Preparation and use of specialty ceramic materials 4. For the manufacture of special alloys, foaming agent 5. Magnesium Nitride is used in the manufacture of special glass 6. Cross-linking with catalytically polymer compounds; 7. Recyling of nuclear waste 8. As a catalyst material, Magnesium Nitride and Cubic Boron Nitride are used. Shipping & Packing Magnesium Nitride Mag3N2 powder There are many options for packing, which all depend on the Mg3N2 magnesium nitride powder amount. You can order magnesium nitride Mg3N2 packing in vacuum, 100g and 500g bags or 1kg/bag. Shipping for magnesium nitride Mg3N2 molecular powder: could be shipped via sea, air, and express after receipt of payment. 3pdm is a leading supplier of advanced material. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm), a reliable global supplier and manufacturer, provides super high quality chemicals and nanomaterials. Contact us if you need high-quality Magnesium Nitride dust. (brad@ihpa.net)

Magnesium Nitride Properties

trimagnesium  dinitride, Mg3N2 powder 12057-71-5 Mg3N2 Molecular Mass 100.93 Appearance Yellow Powder Melting Point N/A Boiling Point N/A Density 2.71 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 99.961273

Magnesium Nitride Safety & Health

Warn Hazard Statements H315-H319-H335 Hazard Codes Risk Codes 36/37/38
Safety Declarations 26-36 Transport Information UN2813
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