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Jan 2, 2023

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Gallium informuride can be described as an inorganic compound having the chemical name GaTe. This gray black powder is stable at normal temperature, pressure. Purity: 99.99% Particle Size : -100 mm Gallium Telluride GATe Powder Gallium Telluride can be described as a hard, dark crystal. It has a melting value of 8242 with a relative dense of 5.44425. It comes in a sphalerite form. Gallium (II), Gallium gallium telluride [GaTe] is a compound made of gallium & tellurium. The electronic properties and structure of these compounds are important because they might be used by the electronic industry. Gallium Telluride has an elementally synthesized GaTe and a monoclinic crystal arrangement. Gallium atoms are composed of three tellurium, one gallium and one gallium Tetrahedron. Gallium Telluride can be described as a direct bandgap, semiconductor with an energy value of 1.65eV when heated to room temperature. Hexagonal crystal forms were obtained from (Te-Butylga (3 Te))4 cube clusters Alkylgallium leturide via low pressure metallic organic vapour deposition (MOCVD). A core of eight atoms is composed of four gallium and four informum. Each gallium has an adjacent T-butyl, three adjacent tellurium and one gallium. Every tellurium has three Gallium atoms adjacent. The hexagonal Crystal, closely related to monoclinic cristal, has Ga24+ elements. Please feel free to contact us for the latest pricing Gallium Telluride . Product Performance of Gallium Telluride GaTe Powder :
Galliumtelluride is an organic compound that has the chemical formula GaTe. This gray-black liquid can be found under normal temperature, pressure.
Technical Parameter. Gallium Telluride GaTe GaTe Powder. Produktname Purity – Particle Size Molecular Weight Melting Point Gallium Telluride 99.99% 100 mesh 192.98 1240 Gray Black How Gallium Telluride GaTe Poultry Is it Produced? This is the method used to produce 2D Gallium Telluride Material. GaTe single crystals can be made by mixing Ga with Te in accordance to the Material Dosage Ratio of 1 by Vertical Bridgman Crystal growth Method. Step 2. Step 2. Step 3. Step 3. Step 4. Step 4. Gallium Telluride GaTe PuH Galium telluride is used to produce sputtering targets in semiconductor, optical and chemical vapour deposition (CVD), display and physical PVD applications. Two-dimensional functional metals, such graphene and the transition metal chalcogenides are well-known for their extraordinary physical and chemical qualities and research potential. GaTe’s two-dimensional structure is part of III- PartiA compound semiconductor. This material features a high atomic number and wide band gap and can be used in optoelectronic devices and radiation detection. 2D large-area GaTe can build MOSFET structures in a relatively small area. Additionally, it improves performance and costs less, which are the premise for realizing industrial applications. Gallium telluride GaTe Poultry Storage Conditions: It will reduce the GaTe powder’s performance in dispersion as well its usability. To avoid this, galium telluride GaTe is best kept in vacuum bag and placed in dry, cool room. GaTe powder is not recommended to be stored under stressful conditions. Packing & Shipping Gallium Telluride GTe Powder – There are many options for packaging, which all depend on the Gallium Telluride GaTe Powder quantity. Packing of Gallium Telluride Galium Te GaTe gaTe powder: vacuum, 100g and 500g respectively, or 1kg/bag at 25kg/barrel. Shipping for gallium-tetrae GaTe powder is possible after payment receipt.

Gallium Telluride Properties

galium telluride and GaTe water powder 12024-14-5 197.3 Appearance Gray Powder Melting Point 824 Boiling Point N/A Density 5.44 g/cm3 Solubility H2O N/A Exact 198.832

Silver Telluride Health & Safety Information

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