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Dec 25, 2022

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The aluminum boride structure looks similar to the intermetallic complex. Its structure mostly depends on the crystal structure in aluminum metal or boron. Purity>98.5% Particle Size: 5-10 um Aluminium Diboride AlB2 Pulver: An aluminum boride chemical formula has AlB2. Thus, the aluminum boride may also be known as aluminum disboride. Heated aluminum boride loses some of its shine. It is stable in cold dilute and can be broken down in hot hydrochloric acids or nitric. AlB2 AlB2 is one compound of aluminum, boron and the other is AlB12. They are also commonly known as aluminum Boride. AlB12 (black and shiny monoclinic) is a crystal of the specific gravity 2.55 (18°C). It can not dissolve water. AlB2 can be found in a single crystal parallel to the base’s hexagon. The structure of aluminum boride is very similar to the graphite flake. Al atoms can be found in the vicinity of B atoms or B atoms. These are very similar to those that make up magnesium diboride. AlB2 single-crystal exhibits metal conducting along an axis parallel the hexagonal surface of its substrate. Alu diboride, which reacts with acids and hydrogen to make toxic gasses, is considered hazardous. You can see it react with hydrochloric to make aluminum chloride or borane. AlB2’s crystal structure often serves as an example of the structure of intermetallic substances. There are many structures in the AlB2 architecture family. You can send an inquiry to receive the latest price for Aluminum Boride Powder . AlB2 powder properties ITEM NO       Appearance                Particle size      Purity     Density           CAS                EINECS Tr-AlB2-P1    gray black powder      30um                 99.9%    2.12g/cm3     12041-50-8      234-923-7 Tr-AlB2-P2    gray black powder      5-10um              98.5%    2.12g/cm3     12041-50-8      234-923-7 AlB2 produces a solution with a reducing solubility in dilute hydrogen chloric acid. The solution might contain HB, but is insoluble in sulfuric and can be dispersed in nitric acids. AlB2 above 920 degrees will be reduced into AlB12. Aluminum Diboride AlB2 Poultry: Aluminum boride (an ionic compound) has a hexagonal crystal form. Aluminium boride will turn into superconductor at an absolute temperatures of around 40K. However, its operating temperature is only 20 30K. You can either use liquid neon to reach that temperature or a closed-cycle refrigerator for cooling. These are cheaper and easier than current methods that use liquid helium to cool niobium alloy (4K). If the superconducting can be doped by carbon or other impurities in the magnet field or is passing current, then it will perform as well as the Niobium alloys. How aluminum diboride alB2 powder are they made? Aluminium powder and Amorphous Boron Powder are two raw materials that can be used to produce aluminum boride powder using powder metallurgy. Scanning electron microscope and Xray Diffractometer were used to analyze the composition, relative composition and micromorphology. The aluminum boride structure looks similar to the intermetallic compounds. Its crystal structure and relationship with boron and aluminum is what determines its composition. Diboron Silane AlB2 refers to the formation of the elements Al atoms by reaction over 600°C. B atoms can be filled in the triangle column made by Al atoms direct overlap. This means the boron layer sits between two aluminum layers. The graphite structure has a boron-layer similarity. A hexagonal network is formed by the boron elements. It is approximately 0.173nm in distance between each B and the other 3 B atoms. Six Al atoms connect to B. These atoms wrap on top the triangular structure. AlB2 may be dispersed in dilute Hydrochloric acid. The resulting reducing solution can contain HB (OH)+. AlB2 will not disintegrate in dilute sulfuric, but may decompose in the nitric. AlB2 decays to AlB12 over 920. Aluminum diboride AlB2 – Aluminum Boride, also known as aluminum bromide or aluminum rhombic is a powder of light yellow (or random) color. It can be used to: Non-toxic flame suppressant plastics, rubber, textiles, coatings, These magnets have superconducting properties. transmission lines, Use sensitive magnet field detectors Aluminum Diboride AlB2 Puffer Storage Conditions All aluminum boride and nanopowder products need to be kept cool, dry, and sealed. Packing & Shipping of Aluminum Diboride AluminiumB2 Powder We offer many kinds of packaging, each one depending on the AlB2 powder amount. Aluminum diboride AlB2 powder packing:vacuum packing, 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request. AlB2 powder shipping to aluminum diboride: Shipments can be made by air or sea as soon after receipt of payment. Advanced material 3pdm. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm) has been a reliable global supplier and manufacturer for chemical materials. Contact us if you need high-quality Aluminum Boride Powder. (brad@ihpa.net)

Aluminum Diboride AlB2 Powder Properties

aluminium boride, aluminum diboride, AIB2 12041-50-8 AlB2 Molecular Weight 48.604 g/mol Appearance Chrome-red solid Melting Point >920 °C (decomposes) Solubility into water Density 3.19 g/cm3 Purity >98.5% 5-10um Poisson’s Raised N/A N/A Heat Conductivity N/A Thermal Expansion N/A Young’s Model N/A Exact 49.000149 Monoisotopic 49.000149

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