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Jan 24, 2023

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Aluminum carbide is a powder of green-gray with the molecular formula Al4C3. This is used in metallurgy. Particle size: -325mesh Purity: 99% Aluminum Carbide Al4C3 Poultry: Aluminum Carbide Is an inorganic compound. Aluminum carbide formula is Al4C3. Hygroscopic. Yellow-gray, or green-gray, crystal block. It breaks down at high temperatures. Aluminum carbonide with Al4C3 chemical formula is a carbide from aluminum. This carbide has the appearance and color of light yellow to dark brown crystals. It is stable to temperatures above 1400°C. Aluminum carbonide exhibits an unusual crystal structure, which is composed of Al2C2 and Al2C2 alternating layers. Each aluminum atom has four carbon molecules to create a trihedral arrangement. You can find carbon atoms in 2 different binding environments. It is made up of a deformed hexagon with 6 Al-atoms at 217 p.m. There is also a triangular-shaped bipyramid structure made of 4 Alatoms, at 190-194 pm, and a fifth Alatom at 221pm. Aluminium carbide can be found as a minor impurity in the manufacture of industrial calcium carbide. The electrolytic fabrication of aluminum uses aluminum carbide as a corrosion product for graphite-electrodes. The aluminum matrix is reinforced by non-metal carbonides, such as silicon carbide, or boron caride. These metal matrix compounds are based upon a metal matrix. Aluminum carbide is a common undesirable product when making carbon or aluminum fibers. If carbon fiber is exposed to the aluminum matrix, it reacts at higher temperatures than 500°C. It can also be coated with calcium carbonate for better chemical reaction inhibition and fiber wettability. You can usually get most of the aluminium carbide immediately. Carbides, which are compounds in whose anion is one of more carbon atoms, are called carbides. Many metals make carbides. However, some do form them. Carbide is a type of pure carbon material, similar to diamonds. It’s very hard, resists heat and is resistant to fire. They often have other important properties such as high electrical conductivity or low thermal expansion. You can send an inquiry to receive the most current price of aluminum carbide. How are Aluminum Carbide and Al4C3 Powder made? Aluminum carbide results from the direct reaction between carbon and aluminum in an electric furnace. 4 Al + 3 C→Al4C3 Other reactions involve alumina. This is however not very beneficial because of the creation carbon monoxide. 2 Al2O3 + 9 C→Al4C3 + 6 CO Al4C3 forms from Silicon carbide that reacts also with aluminum. Al4C3 can also be used mechanically, but this is because it’s more fragile than SiC. 4 Al + 3 SiC→Al4C3 + 3 Si A silicon carbide layer is created by the chemical reaction of silicon carbonide and molten iron on aluminum matrix composites. This reduces the material’s strength while increasing the wettability. By coating the silicon carbide particle with a suitable oxide/nitride and pre-oxidizing to form a silicone dioxide coating or using a layer of sacrificial metallic, this can be decreased. Mechanical alloying of aluminum powder and graphite can create aluminum-aluminum carbide compounds. Technical Parameter of Al4C3 Aluminum Carbide Powder –     Code             Chemical composition ≤     Al     C    Si       P     S      Fe       Mg    Al4C3 79-81 19-21 0.20 0.03 0.03 0.20 0.5 Particle Size 60 mesh, 325 mesh or to meet customers’ needs Aluminum Carbide / Al4C3 Perfume : It is used in the production of methane and catalysts, as well as in metal metallurgy. Aluminium carbide is also used for the following: 1. The aluminum matrix’s finely dispersed aluminum caride particles reduce the tendency to creep. 2. The mechanical alloying of aluminum and aluminium carbide, as well as grinding aluminum powder and graphite particle together can create composite materials. 3. It can also be used to abrasive high-speed tools. It is about the same hardness as that found in topaz. 4. Also, in fireworks to produce the effects of fireflies is aluminum carbide. Aluminum carbide Al4C3 Powder Storage Condition: Aluminum Carbide Aluminium4C3 Powder dispersion effects and using effects. Ti2SnC is best kept in dry and cool places. Ti2SnC must not be subject to extreme stress. Packing & Shipping of Aluminum Carbide Aluminium4C3 Poultry : There are many options for packing, each depending on the quantity of Ti2SnC-based titanium tin carbide. Aluminum Carbide Al4C3 Al4C3 Powder packaging: vacuum wrapping, 100g and 500g respectively, 25 kg/barrel/or as required Aluminum Carbide Al4C3 Puffer Shipping: could shipped by sea, by air, and by express as soon a payment receipt has been paid. 3pdm advanced materials. With over twelve years of industry experience, (3pdm), is an established global supplier and manufacturer for chemical materials. Contact us if you need high-quality Aluminum Carbide Powder. (brad@ihpa.net)

Aluminum Carbide Properties

Al4C3 Pulp, Al4C3 Carbide, ca 1299–86-1 1299-86-1 Al4C3 143.96 Appearance Gray Powder Melting Point 2200 °C Boiling Point 1400 °C Density 2.36 g/cm3 Solubility H2O Decomposes Specific Heat 116.8 J/mol·K Exact 143.926154

Aluminum Carbide Safety & Health Information

Danger Hazard Statements H261-H315-H319-H335 Hazard Codes F. Xi Risk Codes 15-36/37/38 Safety Declarations 26-43 Transport Information N/A
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