High Purity 3D Printing Ti6Al4V Powder TC4 Powder


Dec 5, 2022

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Ti6Al4V is also known by TC4, and it’s an ab titanium alloy that has a high strength to weight ratio and great corrosion resistance. It’s one of the most popular titanium alloys, and it is used widely in low density. About 3D Printing Ti6Al4V TC4 Powder Ti6Al4V is also known by TC4. It’s a -, titanium alloy that has a great strength-to-weight and corrosion resistance. It is the most popular titanium alloy. Because it contains more than 50% of total titanium, Ti6Al4V can be used extensively in low-density and high corrosion resistance applications. You can heat treat it to increase its strength. Use titanium 6 aluminum vanadium should not exceed 350/660. The composition for TC4 titanium powder is Ti6Al4V. It belongs to (+), type of titanium alloy and exhibits excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. TC4 alloy also has exceptional resistance against corrosion. This alloy has many benefits, such as low density, high specific strengths, excellent toughness and good weldability. It’s been widely used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive and pharmaceutical. Due to the lower modulus of titanium alloys, which are more biocompatible than traditional stainless steel or cobalt-based alloys, they have become increasingly popular as biomaterials. These properties were the inspiration for both the introduction of the (CpTi and (Ti6Al4V), alloys. As well as the creation of new compositions and orthometastable B titanium alloys. Unfortunately, titanium alloys have limited biomedical use due to their low shear strength and poor wear resistance. Although B-Ti has shown some wear resistance improvements compared with A # B, it is still difficult to use orthopedic titanium alloys for their medical applications. Main elements:

















Specifications and grades

of alloys

Alloy #:

TA0,TA1,TC4,TC4 ELI,TC11,TC17,TC18,TC21,TA7,TA12,TA15,TA17,TA19, Ti40,Ti60,TiAl(Ti36Al,Ti48Al2Cr2Nb),TiNi,TiNb,ZrTi

Particle Size:

0-20μm, 15-45μm, 15-53μm, 53-105μm, 53-150μm, 105-250μm






Aluminum bag,Vacuum packing


3D Printing Metal Powder

Other Applications:

powder metallurgy(PM), injection molding(MIM), spray painting(SP) etc.

How 3D Printer Ti6Al4V Powder HTML4_ Produced? Ti6Al4V has been heated treated to alter its content and phase. This also affected the microstructure. The exact method of heat treatment will determine the microstructure. The most common heat treatment methods are: two-phase and mill annealing; solution treatment; and aging. Applications of Ti6Al4V Powder HTML4_ Powder – Ti6Al4V’s characteristics include good hardness. It is lightweight and formable. This makes it a popular choice in aviation. Ti6Al4V has the ability to be used at low temperatures, where lightness and corrosion resistance is required. This includes aircraft components, such as engine steam turbine engines, aircraft structural pieces, aviation fasteners and high-performance automated parts. Prosthesis and implant (cast, forged or made using solid-free-forming (SFF), additive manufacturing. For the aerospace and racing industry, parts and prototypes. It’s used extensively in the Boeing 787. Marine applications The chemical industry. Gas turbines. The silencer for your gun. Store Condition for Ti6Al4V TC4 Powder: Ti6Al4V powder performance and effects will be affected by damp reunion. Therefore, Ti6Al4V Ti6Al4V Powder should be vacuum packed and kept dry in cool, dry place. Ti6Al4V Powder should also be kept away from stress. Shipping and Packing of Ti6Al4V TC4 Powder – Many types of packing are available depending on Ti6Al4V’s powder amount. Powder packing for TC4:Vacuum packed, 100g,500g or 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel. Or as you request. TC4 Powder Shipping: Could be sent by air or sea as soon after receipt of payment.

Ti6Al4V TC4 Powder Properties

Ti6Al4V, TC4 – Powder N/A TA0,TA1,TC4,TC4 ELI,TC11,TC17,TC18,TC21,TA7,TA12,TA15,TA17,TA19, Ti40,Ti60,TiAl(Ti36Al,Ti48Al2Cr2Nb),TiNi,TiNb,ZrTi Molecular weight N/A Appearance Grey powder Melting Point N/A Solubility water N/A Density N/A Purity 99% 0-20μm, 15-45μm, 15-53μm, 53-105μm, 53-150μm, 105-250μm Boling points N/A Specific Heating N/A Heating Conductivity N/A Thermal Expansion N/A Young’s Module N/A Exact N/A Monoisotopic Weight N/A

Ti6Al4V TC4 Powder Safety & Health Information

Safety Alert N/A Hazard Statements N/A Flashing points N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A Security Statements N/A N/A Transport Information N/A Germany N/A
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