High Purity 3D Printing 304 Stainless Steel Powder


Dec 22, 2022

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Powdered 304 has excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting properties. You can place the spherical particles parallel to the coating film. Then, spread them throughout the whole coating film. This creates a shielding layer which has excellent concealment power and blocks moist. The 3D Printing of 304 Stainless Steel Powder The powder 304 has excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting properties. These spherical powders can be placed parallel with the coating film. They are then spread throughout the whole coating film creating a shielding layer which has excellent moisture blocking power. Common stainless steel 304 has a density of 7.93 g/cm3. 800 is an alloy of common stainless steel with a density of 7.93 g/cm3. It has high processing and toughness and is commonly used in industries, as well as in furniture decoration and in food industry. It is important to include Ni in 304 stainless. This element directly affects its corrosion resistance and the steel’s value. Ni and Cr are two of the most critical elements in 304. However, they do not have to be the only important ones. In the product standard, these requirements are detailed. It is a common industry rule that stainless steel is 304-grade stainless steel as long as its Ni content is not less than 8 percent and Cr content greater than 18%. When choosing the stainless steel type to use, you must consider the following: the aesthetic requirements, the environment and the cleaning method. However, there are other uses that require structural integrity or impermeability. These include the sidewalls and roofs of industrial buildings. These types of applications may make it more expensive for an owner to construct than the aesthetics. In urban or rural settings, it is necessary to clean the surface outdoors frequently. Surfaces can get very dirty, even rusty in highly polluted places like coastal areas. Send an inquiry for the most current price to purchase 3D Printing Powder 304 Stainless Steel in Bulk. These are the main components of 304 ss dust:






Impurity components of 304 Ss Powder:








304 ss powder. Morphology. Spherical

304 ss powder Purity 99.9%

304 ss powder Particle size: 0-20μm, 15-45μm, 15-53μm, 53-105μm, 53-150μm, 105-250μm

304 ss powder Appearance: grey powder

304 ss powder Package: Aluminum bag,Vacuum packing

304 ss dust Application: 3D printing powder

304 ss powder. Other uses include powder metallurgy, injection molding, spray painting (SP), and so on. How is 3D printed 304 Stainless Steel Powder ? Metal stainless steel powder is made from an alloy of stainless steel. It has a regular shape and a density of 7.9g/cm3. The average particle size is 33 mum. These spherical particle can be placed parallel to the coated surface, and they will spread in the whole coating. It provides excellent moisture blocking and hiding power. This can be used to polish high-precision machining parts. The stainless steel powder is made from low-carbon steel that contains chromium 18%-20%, nickel 10%-12%, and molybdenum. It can be used for sandblasting machines to process some high precision machining parts. 3D printing 304 Stainless Steel Powder . One of the most popular chromium–nickel stainless steels is 304. This steel has excellent corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, and other mechanical properties. No heat treatment hardening phenomena is possible (use temperature: -196 to 800). If the area is industrial or polluted, corrosion resistance is required. Ideal for food storage, transportation and processing. This material is easy to machine and works well with other materials. Heat exchangers on plates, bellows, household article (class 1 & 2 tableware, cabinets and indoor pipes), water heaters. Boilers, tubs., baths., auto parts (windshield wipers, silencers., mold products), building materials, medicine, chemistry. Storage condition of 304 Stainless Steel Powder: Weakened powders can cause 304 powder to disperse poorly and have poor useability. 304 Stainless Steel Powder should therefore be kept dry and sealed in vacuum packaging. 304 Stainless Steel Powder is not allowed to be exposed. Additionally, the powder should not be exposed to extreme stress. Shipping and Packing of 304 Stainless Steel Powder There are many options for packing depending on the 304 Stainless Steel powder quantity. 304 Stainless Steel Powder Packing: 100g, 500g, or 1kg/bag at 25kg/barrel. Or as you request. 304 Stainless Steel powder shipping: can be sent by sea, air or express as soon after receipt of payment.

304 Stainless Steel Powder Properties

Powdered 304 stainless steel, N/A Compound Formula N/A Molecular Weight N/A Appearance Grey powder Melting Point N/A Solubility water N/A Density N/A Purity N/A 0-20μm, 15-45μm, 15-53μm, 53-105μm, 53-150μm, 105-250μm Boling points N/A Particular Heat N/A Heating Conductivity N/A Thermal Expansion N/A Young’s Module N/A Exact N/A Monoisotopic Weight N/A

304 Stainless Steel Powder Safety & Health Information

Warning N/A Hazard Statements N/A Flashing points N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A Security Statements N/A N/A Transport Information N/A Germany N/A
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