Development History and Application of Colloidal Gold


Jan 1, 2023

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Colloidal Gold development history It is possible to trace the origins of gold nanoparticles back to the 16th Century. nanogold emerged from the scientific community after Paracelsus invented “drinking golden” for mental disorders. Faraday studied Dalton’s theory and used gold chloride in 1857 to reduce the solution. He also discovered that adding electrolytes can make it turn from ruby to blue, then finally agglutinate, but adding gelatin could prevent the change. Edward from Chicago discovered that nanogold could be used to treat patients with various diseases. Faulk combined rabbit anti-salmonella and nano-gold antiserum in immunogold staining, which was the first to use this combination. This technology led to nano-gold immunolabeling technology.

Colloidal Gold

1.Gold nanoparticles are used to detect and treat cancer

Sciencedaily stated that nanoparticles of gold can be used to detect early cancers. Injecting nanogold into a patient can make cancer cells stick to the body and reflect certain wavelengths of light. 2.Gold nanoparticles may be used in chemotherapy for cancer Both normal and immune cells can be damaged by conventional chemotherapy. stated that gold nanoparticles could improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy as well as reduce side effects. The gold nanoparticles have a high absorption rate and can therefore be coated with chemotherapy drugs to be delivered directly to the cancer cells. You can heat nanogold through infrared to kill cancer cells. This means that chemotherapy with nanogold may be effective in killing cancer cells, without affecting normal cells. It is possible to make 3.3pdm gold into an injectable These USES can be combined with nano-gold injections. has reported that nano-gold can be used to balance the electrolyte level of the cells. It also improves the immunity. It is small and will reach the cells quickly because it’s easily absorbed by the body. You can use it to restore immune system, reduce inflammation, pain, nerve pain, and improve blood circulation. Advanc3dmaterials (aka. Advanced material by Advanc3dmaterials. With over 12 years of experience, Advanc3dmaterials is an established global supplier and manufacturer for chemical material. High quality Collloidal Gold products are produced by our company. We can help you if the price is lower.
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