Cement Antifoam


Nov 21, 2022

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Cement-antifoam does not break the demulsification process, or make the foam stronger. You can add this product to foaming. Description of Cement-Antifoam Cementantifoam will maintain a physical state that is stable and not break the demulsification. This product has low costs and a small amount of additives. Cement-antifoam 1. Defoamer provides good dispersion and fast defoaming when used in cement mortar. 2. Defoamer’s effectiveness is excellent and its amount is minimal. 3. Defoamer allows you to control foam production in cement mortar systems. Concrete components will become more dense and brilliant. Cement and antifoam Anti-foaming Agent is used in concrete production. Cement antifoam 1. Add straight to stock solution. 2. Different systems have different amounts of defoamer. They can vary from 0.01 to 1.1%. Each customer will decide the appropriate amount based upon their particular circumstances and current practice. 3. It is possible to run an initial test in order to identify abnormal circumstances. Cement antifoam Storage: Anti foaming agent should not be dangerous or flammable. It is important to seal your container after every use. You can keep the contents for 12 months after opening it at 25. Transport: Keep this product sealed at all times to avoid moisture, strong alkali or strong acid from mixing.
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