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Yes, there’s something innately glorious in these formative Nintendo games from the days when epic RPGs lasted barely fifteen hours, wizards spoke in bubbles and Mario had only one direction he could go. In which the former Jumpman and notorious dinosaur abuser goes on his biggest adventure ever at the time. The flagship SNES game might not stack up to the near-perfection of Super Mario Bros. 3, but it’s an amazingly crafted delight with just the right amount of challenge. The first Mario Kart can be hard to go back to after all the additions and expansions of the last two decades. If you can look past what’s not here, you’ll find a compulsively playable competitive racing game that transcends mere nostalgia.

Mario Kart won the checkered flag on its very first attempt, and only got better from there. This game’s absolutely gorgeous, with an art style that still stands out today.

It’s one of the deeper cuts on Nintendo Switch Online, but don’t sleep on it. Flight simulators were big business in the computer software world in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but weren’t really translatable to the consoles of the day. So Nintendo took the general concept and made something light, fun, and traditionally Nintendo with Pilotwings. Structured as a series of trials using four different aerial vehicles, Pilotwings provides the thrill of flying in a streamlined, easy-to-understand package. It’s also a killer showcase for the Super Nintendo’s then-groundbreaking Mode 7 graphics system.

  • FFIII was revelatory when it came out and remains the sine qua non of 16-bit RPG era.
  • An easy pick up and play game for friends who might not be up to a match of Street Fighter 2.
  • A world-spanning story; playable characters that are distinct in abilities, personalities, and motivations; secrets and side quests galore; pixel art that still amazes with its expressiveness.
  • Actually the sixth Final Fantasy but only the third released here in the US, this is still considered by many to be the pinnacle of the series.

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Okay, many people love it, and it has made an indelible impact on the medium, but good luck actually enjoying this brutally tough game. Demon’s Crest, a slightly deeper spinoff for the Super Nintendo, is probably the best thing to come out of the almost 40 year history of Ghosts ‘n Goblins. It’s still a challenging side-scrolling platformer, but with a bit of RPG business tossed in, along with some Metroid-style “return to the scene of the crime” jive.

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Nintendo continues to push the envelope with what we think isn’t possible and making it a reality. Back when it was supposed to be the 16-bit era, Star Fox came and was the first game to have polygons on screen. Players took charge of the anthropomorphic Fox McCloud and his team of fighter pilots on their journey to save the galaxy. Star Fox was made possible thanks to the Super FX, a graphics support unit, added to later released SNES consoles to provide 3D polygon graphics.

The first Mortal Kombat game went down in infamy for its ultraviolent deaths – is there anything more sick/satisfying than pulling the still-beating heart out of your opponent’s chest, or punching their head clean off? With the SNES Classic Mini boasting the release, 22 years after it was axed at the last minute, of Star Fox 2, what better time to check out the also-included original?

Nintendo pumped these monkey games out on the SNES, releasing Donkey Kong Country in 1994 and then two sequels over the next two years. Only the first of Rare’s platformers are on Nintendo Switch Online, though, which is a smart call—they’re all pretty similar. The original’s still a tough, tricky run-and-jump game, with then-groundbreaking 3D graphics and a great musical score. You can see why this wound up being the second-best-selling game on the entire system. Ghosts ‘n Goblins is one of those games that seemingly exists on every single gaming system ever made, despite always being kind of terrible.

It’s less of a true sequel than a stealth pilot for a new gaming concept built around Yoshi. It’s like when a sitcom would introduce a new character and then have an episode entirely about them and their wacky family and then four months later suddenly they have their own show.

Yoshi’s Island is the Just the Ten of Us of Final Fantasy NES ROM free download Nintendo games. That little bit of bait-and-switch might not rest well with those expecting a traditional Mario game, but this unique little number remains a true gem.