APG Alkyl glucoside


Dec 29, 2022

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APG Alkylglucoside provides both non-ionic as anionic surfactants with good eco safety and solubility. It is also the most widely recognized “green” functional surfactant. Contents of active matter >= 50% APG Alkyl-glucoside The N polymerization level of APG Alkylglucoside is generally between 1.1 and 3, while R refers to an Alkyl from C8 to C16. APG is a light yellow, oily white liquid at room temperatures. It is highly solubilized and difficult to disperse in water. 15giorni has been a reliable global APG Alkyl Alkylglucoside seller. Product performance APG Glucoside Alkyl: A variety of non-ionic, ionic surfactants can enhance compatibility. Excellent foaming and rich, delicate foam. High solubility and strength of electrolyte, alkali, and acid resistance. Good thickening abilities. The skin compatibility is excellent, which significantly enhances the mild formulation, non-toxic and no irritation. It also makes it easy to biodegrade. Technical Parameter APG APG AlkylGlucoside: Product Name Shortname Active matter Appearance Alkyl glucoseside APG ≥ 50 % Light yellow oily liquid , or solid white powder Applications APG Glucoside Alkyl: APG does not cause skin irritation and is safe. APG is able to be substituted for AES, ALAS, 6501 and AEO. APG can keep for extended periods of time at high temperatures. Additionally, APG has the capability of humidifying which meets the needs of active cosmetic components. This cosmetics product is particularly suitable to make high-quality toiletries. It has skin moisturizing properties as well as skin curing capabilities. APG is a non-ionic surfactant that has many benefits, including high critical micelle content, dialysis elimination, high protein resistance and UV light penetration. APG’s biochemical effect is excellent in membrane protein solubilization (recomposition). APG can be used to enhance food flavor and as food preservatives, foaming agents, demulsifiers, food emulsifiers, food foaming agent, food preservation, foaming agent, desulsifier and food preserver. APG is used to protect the greenhouse’s plastic film. This can have a stabilizing or flame retardant effect. This new emulsifier can be used to make a wide range of products by emulsion polymerization. APG is a concrete additive that can provide rich, stable and foamy aerating agents. APG can reduce liquid’s surface tension and delay evaporation. In order to preserve pesticides’ hydration for longer periods, it can be helpful to raise the rate of absorption in leaves. APG has the ability to reduce water activity, change fluid flow status in shale pores and can therefore be used as an inhibitor. Additional drilling fluid is lubricious, has strong inhibition, anti-pollution abilities, and provides reservoir protection. APG can also be used to prevent creases in textile industries as an aqueous powder dispersant or dust proof agent. APG is ideal for processing in refining, dyeing, or other applications. The solution can not be foamed easily, reduces stain and is especially good for high-temperature dyeing dispersant, levelling agents and high-temperature refining agent. APG improves the paper’s gelatinizing ability and can be mixed with other surfactants to make waste paper flotation-deinking agents that are highly efficient. APG is widely used for fire fighting agents. APG08-12, which has broad antibacterial activity against Gram negative bacteria, positive bacteria, and fungi has APG08-12. The activity is increased with increasing alkyl carbon atoms so that it can be used for cleaning. Shipping and Packing of Alkyl glucoside . Many types of packing are available depending on APG AlkylGlucoside quantities. APG Alkyl’s glucoside packaging: 1kg/bottle 25kg/barrel or 200kg/barrel APG Alkyl shipping: can be sent by sea or air as soon as payment receipt is received. APG Alkyl glucoside Property: N/A N/A N/A Morphological Weight N/A Appearance White powdered or oily light yellow liquid Melting Point N/A Heating Point N/A Density N/A Solubility of H2O N/A Exact N/A

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