AES0810 Sodium octyl decyl alcohol ether sulphate, 28%-32%


Dec 27, 2022

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Sodium octyl dercyl alcoholether sulfurate is easy to dissolve in water. Solid Content 28%-32% About Sodium Octyl Decyl Alcohol ether Sulphate Sodium octyldecyl ether sulphate can be easily dissolved in water. 15giorni has been a reliable global Sodium octyldecyl ether sulphate source. The Performance of Sodium Octyl Decyl Alcohol ether Sulphate It is highly resistant to emulsification, decontamination and foaming. Technical Parameter: Sodium decyl alcoholether sulphate Product Name     Short Name    Purity        PH     Odor Appearance Salt octyl ether sulphate AES0810 28%-32% 6.5-8.5 Very distinctive smell Clear transparent, colorless liquid The emulsifier sodium octyl-decyl alcoholethersulphate may be used for cleaning agents and foaming agents. It can also be used to make air-entrainment agent formulations in emulsion Polymerization. Shipping and Packing of Sodium octyldecyl ether sulphate Many types of packing exist, each based on sodium octyldecyl alcohol ether sulphate. Sodium octyldecyl ether sulphate packaging: 1kg/bottle; 25kg/barrel or 200kg/barrel Shipping of sodium octyl ether sulphate: This could be done by sea or by air once the payment has been received.

Sodium Octyl Decyl Al Alcohol Ether Sulphate properties

N/A N/A RO(CH2CH2O)nSO3Na Molecular Weight N/A Appearance Clear transparent, colorless liquid Melting Point N/A Heating Point N/A Density N/A Solubility of H2O N/A Exact N/A

Sodium Ole Decyl Alcohol Ether Sulphate Safety & Healthcare Information

N/A Hazard Statements N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A Security Statements N/A Transport Information N/A
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