AEO Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylate CAS 68439-49-6


Dec 18, 2022

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Cetostearyl etheroxylate is a key non-ionic surfactant that has good emulsification properties, dispersity and water solubility. Active matter content:  >=99% AEO Cetostearyl Alcohol Etoxylate AEO Cetostearyl ethanol ethoxylate, which is a non-ionic, important surfactant, has excellent emulsifying qualities for high-carbon alcohols and fatty acids. Cetosteary ethanol ethoxylate’s different forms can be classified as O-6, O-15 to O-10, O-20 to O-25 based on the EO number. 15giorni, a global AEO Cetostearyl ethanol ethoxylate supplier, is available for you to inquire about the current price AEO Cetostearyl ethoxylate bulk order. Product Performance of AEO Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylate: Cetostearyl ethanol ethoxylate, an important nonionic surfactant that has good emulsifying qualities for paraffin and stearic mineral oils, is a useful additive. Technical Parameter An EEO Cetostearyl alcohol, ethoxylate HTML3_ : Model O-6       O-10       O-20                     0-25   O-30 Appearance(25)    Milky milk paste White waxy, solid Clear waxy flake solid Active material content (%)  ≥99 Cloud point()    – 72-77 88-95 91-98 – HLB 9-10 12.5-13 15-16 16-17 16-17 pH(25,1%) 5-7 Applications of CEO Cetostearyl alcohol-ethoxylate AEO Cetostearyl alcohol-ethoxylate, also known as AEO Cetostearyl alcohol, is used for cosmetic emulsifiers, leveling agents, diffusion agents, stripping agent and metal cleaner. Petroleum drilling fluid, and as an emulsifier in the emulsion field. The infiltration agent is used in agriculture to improve seed germination rates and infiltration capability of agricultural preparations. Shipping and Packing of AEO Cetostearyl al ethoxylate Many types of packaging are available depending on how much AEO Cetostearyl al ethoxylate we have. AEO Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylatepacking 1kg/bag 25kg/barrel or 200kg/barrel Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylate AEO shipping: can be sent by sea or air as soon after receipt of payment. AEO Cetostearyl alcohol Etoxylate Property N/A CAS No.                                                                              68439-49-6 RO(CH2CH2O)nH   R=C16-18 Molecular Weight N/A Appearance Clear waxy flake solid Melting Point N/A Heating Point N/A Density N/A Solubility of H2O N/A Exact N/A

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